Barrel break in.

I don’t think it makes much sense with the cleaning products available today. If it loses accuracy due to fouling, stuff like Bore Tech or Wipe Out/Patch Out really does a good job and with not a lot of effort. I don’t buy into the 8000 rounds between cleanings, however I don’t worry about break - in either. Seems like one either shoots well or it doesn’t. My experience only.
My preference is to clean it good then go shoot it a lot. If I’m using cup and core bullets I may never clean the barrel again. If it’s copper I clean every twenty rounds or so.

Great thread. I did the intense cleaning barrel break-in my last couple rifles and I would like to avoid doing that again. Vince2's routine sounds pretty reasonable to me, but would love to hear everyone else's general cleaning routine - aside from any barrel break in?
As many others have opined, I've done both. If there was a difference, it wasn't one that I am able to take advantage of, being a mediocre shooter. I have found that the process is very good for getting me acquainted with the gun, and it forces me to slow down. That helps me shoot much better. Also a great meditation.

Now, with the cost of components (or ammo, if your a heathen ;)), I would be very interested in finding ways to avoid it.