Battle of the 200 grn Round Noses

I finally got enough jugs and some time to try and catch the Winchester Powerpoint. I shot it at around 15-20 feet and caught it in the fourth jug. It was all in one piece and the core was firmly attached to the jacket. Recovered weight was 157.9 grains. Two small lead pieces were with it (lost the smaller one after I weighed them) and with those was 162.7 grains.



And all four compared together, from L to R: Sierra Pro Hunter, Hornady Interlock, Winchester Powerpoint and the Remington Core Lokt.


Were these out of your 35 Rem or 358 Winchester
Missed this before. Great test. Any one of them would do the job for sure, but it's easy to see that Remington RNCL is a great bullet. Shed the least amount of weight and penetrated as good as any, yet expanded more than any save for the sierra by the looks of it. Even before it's fired it inspires confidence with all that soft lead up front tied into those scalloped edges on the jacket.

I bet if you tested them out there a ways with slowed down 35 Remington speeds instead of the 358, the RNCL would continue to impress with both penetration and excellent expansion at the slower speeds.
When I first got my 700 Classic 35 Whelen back in 1988, I used the 200 gr SPCL factory load on WT deer. I shot 2 bucks that year and neither bullet exited. First one was a big 11 pt. I shot him at the base of the neck as he went away from me. I clipped a tag alder smashed the vertebrae and the bullet was under the hide in the neck. The next day I had a spike horn facing me. I hit him in the neck/chest. The bullet ricochet off the neck vertebrae and went through the shoulder and under the hide. The following season I skit two more bucks, both were broadside lung shots and exited leaving a quarter size exit wound. That 200 gr PSPCL bullet kills deer but I like a heavier bullet in the 35 Whelen. I started using the 225 gr PT in 1990 when it first came out and it crushed quite a few deer and a black bear.

I have seen them on videos pounding a moose a few times with those 200 grain CoreLokts from a Whelen Brinky. It did kill the moose but I’d bet a 100 bucks the performance wasn’t what I’d like to see. I think they’re some of the best hunters as far as tracking but they aren’t gunny sorta fellas. What they use works for them but I’d be willing to think if you traded out their Rem Core Lokts for any number of the bullets available they’d be quite surprised. With their shots mostly under 50-75 yards and on snow about anything that gets them leaking is good for them.

My first load thru my old Whelen was those factory loads. I had two out of the same box come apart like a 50 grain Ballistic Tip from a 222.

Both deer died but neither exited from a couple normal sized deer. I thought they were garbage myself but I’m probably pickier than most.
I used the 200 gr. Corelokt out of a Browning BLR pushed to the same velocity as your test on 6 deer. 3 in one day. One heck of a good combination, never recovered one bullet and all fell in sight. Wish I had kept the early steel framed BLR.