Neck Turning


Dec 26, 2016
My first reloads were for my $300 savage model 11. I had read Jack O’Connor, was pressed by a writer on time during an interview about what JO would do for a 3006 hand load. He basically said he’d get a 150gn 3030 bullet and load it to 2500 FPS.

Just for yucks I basically tried it.
Hornady 3035 Interlock RN 150gn
For 3030(forgive me if I botched the bullet number). I used a starting load of Big Game and some old hand me down primed brass. Mixed headstamps.

My first group was not the normal 2-3” I was used to with Core Lokts, but instead sub 1/2”. Jaw on the floor.

The brass was very old and tarnished from age.

I tried to recreate with federal and Remington brass, but never matched that old crap in the coffee can. Needless to say, I have set it aside and keep it separate from all others.

Fast forward a couple years…

I started turning necks this past weekend on the 3006 brass.

I’m doing decent for a first try.

All brass is annealed @650f
All trimmed and sized.
As an added step, I’m running it all through a Lee collet neck die.
Then turning the necks to 0.011x.
I’m not good enough at it yet to get the x down a small number, but consistent on the 1000ths.
Before turning the necks ranged 0.0115-0.0165.
I’ve turned about 100 cases and have another 200-300 to go. It’s a slow operation for sure.

I am using the Hornady neck turning tool
And it seems easy enough to get consistent turns.

Given I’m using oil as a lubricant for cutting, I’m going to run the brass through the tumbler again.

Is there anyone here turning case necks and anyone using the Hornady tools?

I found the shell holder thing annoying…took weeks to get a set.

(RCBS, Redding, Lee shell holders didn’t fit the neck turning tool. Surprised me, but shouldn’t have as they tell you upfront, Hornady shell holders.

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I do turn several of my calibers to get them cleaned up to 80%. I use the Forster hand held turner and Lee’s universal case holder. I don’t use any lube for cutting just a dab of Hobo oil on the mandrel.
I do too. It will improve your loads if your die setup is correct and the case is sized to align with the centerline of your bore. At the worst it can't hurt.
I have an older Forster case length trim tool with the neck turner addition. Works good.
For case prep, I go slow.

Universal deprimer die.

Use the full length sizing die to bump the shoulder back about 0.002”. Imperial wax including the throat, just enough so the sizing button slides easy...


Wet SS Tumble.

Prime and charge and load

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So update. Working with some old R&P brass from REM CL green boxes, when I’d mic them after turning, often they’d get a couple hundredths thicker near the shoulder.

I got out my Lee Collet neck sizer and worked in into the routine.

Collect neck size, rough turn, collet neck size, finishing turns collect neck size.

After adding the collet neck, it smoothed out the variation in thickness.

I can do about 50 cases in an hour.

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