Bear Hunting Poll ?

I’d probably use the .300 for both hunts but then I have a handgun with me too and that’s what I’d use on a treed bear.

I love my .41 Magnum. The .300 would hammer a treed bear so if I was wanting to use a rifle that would be it.

My experience, chasing bears and mountain lions is that lugging a rifle on a mule or horse is more trouble than it’s worth. The only time I’d consider a rifle in that situation is if I was in Griz country. Besides, I like shooting handguns. Coyotes at 100 Yards with a 1911 is fun.

Two bears one treaded at 20 yards 30-30 Win. 170gr worked great for a bear in a tree.
One over bait with 300 H&H Mag Nosler 180 gr Partition one shot and done ran 12 feet. shot 45 yards
I asked the Guided what he thought was a good beer round, He would choose 45-70 was his pick for spring bear over bait and hounds.


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A couple of fine trophies. The colour phase bruins are always of interest to me. We don't have many colous phase bears here in northern BC. In my years, I have seen a couple of cinnamon coloured bears, one chocolate coloured bear, and a white bear I saw on one occasion. Because the Kermode is protected, even though this would not have been a Kermode, it would have been considered protected. Still, I love seeing the different colours. Congratulations on your successful hunt.
Outstanding, doesn’t appear the late snow this year impacted you and your hunt. Well done. I’m a fan of just about anything from Terminal Gravity up in Enterprise, Oregon. Good bear hunting near there as well.


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The cold and snow definitely affected our hunt with bears not moving much. On our last day my Friend said when He was hound hunting he saw 9 piles Bear scat on the logging road before this there was virtually none on logging roads.
I have never shot a Big Game animal with my 30-30 Win even though I have owned it for 40 plus years. My thoughts on it. I have a peep sight on mine it would of been better with just the factory open sight. As they tried to get us in position to shoot the bear running across a logging road during the chase.
I had a easy short range shot on the treed Bear and I made a chest shot which I believe was a fatal shot but the guide said shoot him again right away so I did, then it was hang buy a paw and they had me shoot it again, needless to say three chest shots were more than enough. I think the 30-30 Win has plenty of power and made massive wounds. One was enough IMHO but I listened to the Guide. I believe they must get customers who can not shoot so the more the better to protect the dogs.
My 300 H&H Mag with a Nosler 180gr Partition was more than enough gun ! Only thing is I feel a lower powered variable scope would of been a better choice say a 1x4 or 1.75x5 power scope or red dot for hunting over bait for a 50 yard shot.
What gun would would of been better maybe that Savage 99 .308 Win that I don’t know what to do with ?
Maybe with a low power scope.
Sounds as if it was a great hunt. Yeah, the 30-30 is plenty of gun. Your guide was correct in urging you to shoot. I have had dead bears (four paws in the air) roll and scoot. Believe me, it is no fun crawling on all fours tracking a bear through the tangles. You learn through experience to shoot and shoot again, and even shoot again, regardless of how good the shots are.
I was worried about the late snow for your hunt, so glad it worked out. Amazing how the rest of the country is hot and we had snow this time last week down to 2500 feet.
Congratulations on your successful bear hunt! )

Your rifles & ammo did a fine job. Looks like that big black bear is leaking all over the fallen tree! :)

I'm glad your 30-30 got out to take a bear after 40 years of waiting. Dr Mike is right, I too have seen a "dead bear" get going again. Shooting them a second or third time is not a bad idea at all.

Thanks for sharing the info & photos.

Go get 'em Man! Be Safe, have fun, post your pics and tel us the tale. And if your driving, be sure and see the BANKER for gas money! (sorry my latest soap box...) Have fun! CL