May 12, 2009
Since I've been to the range. Life has been keeping me busy these past few months. Mom lost her battle with cancer in early March then Dad decided to move to assisted care and we had to downsize his household along with selling his home. I've been coaching softball as well at the High school. Can't imagine why I haven't had any spare time :shock:.
Today I made it to the range to break in a couple of new ones and reacquaint myself with an old friend. Had a good day! I was the only one there and the range is in the mountains, felt pretty recharged after an afternoon of shooting.
The first one up was my new 6.5WSM built on a Win 70CRF, 26" #3 Bartlein and one of Nathan's new design brakes. The barrel was installed by Curt's Custom Guns in southern Oregon and I bedded it into a Winchester compact stock for starters. It'll eventually end up in one of the Mcmillans I have around here. It weighs 8.7lbs with a Leupold VX3 4.5x14LR on it ready to hunt. Came out pretty well. The recoil is about the same as a 25-06. Very easy to shoot. Sight in gave me an idea how she'll end up shooting. First two shots were touching, second two were a 1/2" apart. Looks promising! I proceeded to shoot several decent groups but I think I'm having a little neck tension issue the bolt is a little firm on closing(it has a tight chamber). The brass is once fired Win. 270WSM nickle plated that's been trimmed to min spec.. I'm going to pick up some Nosler or Lapua nonplated brass and try it. I'm hoping to avoid turning necks but....... Had a lot of 2 touching and 1 out by an inch or more and I'm already .060 off the lands. I had Curt throat it long so I could utilize the entire mag length of 3.1".
6.5WSM target.JPG
6.5WSM target1.JPG
6.5WSM target2.JPG
The next one up is my idea of the perfect sagerat rifle. Rem 7 in a mcmillan stock chambered in 17x223. It has PTG bottom metal that allows the use of AR15 mags. I'll be using 10 and 20 round mags mostly. It also has a winchester style 3 position safety so I can set and unset the single set trigger by Kepplinger. The 3 position safety locks the firing pin down when you need to unset the trigger. When set the trigger is about 8 or 9oz. It has a 24" barrel threaded for a suppressor. It has almost no recoil when shooting 20gr bullets. The ammo components are what get expensive so I decided on a cartridge that I could load economically. The brass is Lake City once fired processed military brass that I've necked down. I can buy 1000 for about 150$. It'll do 4000fps with 20gr bullets and 3800fps with 25gr bullets. It is definitely a specialized rifle. It would be good for coyotes too if you're concerned with saving pelts. The 17 cal bullets are explosive but won't blow out the backside. I had Curt do the barrel and alter the feed rails for the magazines. I bedded the action and bottom metal. I also installed the trigger and 3 position safety. It wants to shoot as well. Most groups were about an inch. I'll be looking for a load that'll hold .5moa even when the barrel is warm. A sagerat is an awful small target at 300+ yards.17x223.JPG
17x223 target.JPG
Finally I put about 60 rounds down range with my 6.5 Creedmoor. Put 20 rounds into 1.25" and had a few good groups. I love shooting this gun!
A day well spent!
A good day, to be sure. Keep posting; perhaps it will motivate me. I feel as if I need to join Procrastinators Anonymous! "Hello, my name is Mike. It's been more than six months since I pulled a trigger." All looking good for you. My condolences on your mom's passing. The day is fast approaching when I'll have to surrender and think seriously about assisted living, I suppose. 'Course, I'll fight tooth and nail.
Sorry to hear about the passing of you mom and life changes for your dad.
Good job getting out and clearing the cobwebs a little. Going to the range and focusing on target, slowing your breathing and seeing results can lift your spirits.

Way to go buddy. That 6.5 WSM is a wicked cartridge. It is probably one of my favorite wildcats I haven't actually ever owned but have shot one that is set up about like yours.

The others just look awesome.

Sorry about your Mom prayers for you and handling that and I hope your dad has an easy transition to the assisted living home. Keep shooting brother, it is good for the soul!
Sorry to here of your loss it's never easy but getting out and clearing the air is always good and a good day at the range always help.
My condolences on the passing of your Mom. You have some very cool rifles, nice shooting. Welcome back.
Nice shooting.
Glad you were able to get out.
Sorry about your mom and also your dads transition.
Sending my deepest condolences on the passing of your Mom.
I also have not been to the range since late last fall as I have been taking a few classes and just as everyone else is saying been procrastinating :(.
You had a great day at the range so I am sure it will give you a little more motivation to work with some of those great calibres you own (y).
Thank you for the post and photos.

Very sorry to hear about your mothers passing. Glad you got to go to the range. Nice rifles and great shooting!

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