Bite was on fire


Feb 13, 2016
Took my daughter fishing on the boat, just a short ride to my hangout spot, was chunking shad and mullet at 7 am and by 9 am we already had our limits, we decided to keep fishing and wean out the smaller red drums that was kept in the live well. Total was 19 red drums by 11 am, we decided to head back early. It was a great morning of non stop action. Six keepers plus two oversized and tagged.
Thanks fellas, the next day we had some sore arms. Those oversized red drums do put up a good fight, drags was singing with one of the Shimano spinners with 10 lb braid, made a long run for almost 60 yards before it ran out of steam and lasted about 15 minutes before it was in the boat. We had double hookups twice, it was fun!!
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