Bow Fiasco


Jun 15, 2019
Okay ladies and gents, I have a problem that I am now ready to ask for help on. As of this morning, I have now missed six really easy bow shots on deer from a ground blind; I'm talking 20-25 yards. Now, at least these are complete misses, but I am trying to figure out why the heck this is happening. The only thing I can think of, is that the "shoot through" mesh is deflecting the arrows. Any experience? Any suggestions? Any wild speculation?

Are your misses consistently to the same side, high, or low?
Need more info about how you shoot and your bow set up.
A photo of your bow with an arrow nocked and in the rest from behind the arrow will also tell me more...line the arrow up so that the string and arrow are aligned in the photo. This may tell me if it is bow or shooter form issue...
Just too many variables that can come into play without more info, and/or a video of you shooting while practicing, and from the ground blind to say just yet. (one from the side, and one from behind)
Also need to know if you are standing when practicing, and sitting when shooting and missing deer...and if you practice in a T shirt and are now wearing a jacket or hoodie with baggy sleeves, etc. when hunting.
The mesh alone should not effect your arrow flight, unless it is old and dirty, making it stiff and unflexible...or if your vanes are contacting the seam or edge...remember your sight and peep is higher than your arrow, and if your seat is low enough, or too close to one side or the other, there could be contact as your arrow is leaving the blind that you are not noticing.
Your anchor points may be different shooting from a chair. Have you practiced shooting from a chair? Bend at your waist not your upper body.
Several years ago I missed a 10 pt at a chip shot 25 yards. Arrow went low. He jumped and walked towards me. Got a second arrow nocked and missed a second shot at 12 yards. He went 30 yards away and worked his scrap. Nocked my third and last arrow. He came back to the does that were in front of me and stopped at 20 yards. I drew and realized I had my net face mask on. I pulled it down, settled in on my anchor point and drilled him perfectly through the top of the heart.
Hopefully it's something similar for you.
Best of luck.

Are you using expanding broadheads? Netting can open some of them.
Good catch Bruce!
I just reread the original post. Arrows don't shoot well through mesh netting. Mechanical broad heads will open up. Also if the fletching touches the netting, it's also going to affect arrow flight.
I'm thinking the broad head is opening up and the fletching is also hitting which is causing the misses.
Remove the see through netting and the problem should be resolved.

First, thank you to everyone; this forum is just amazing👏.

Some more - I have missed using two different bows, both compounds. I have practiced from the seated and know my aim is true (okay, true enough to hit my mark at ~30 yards), having shot on a bullseye target. I used fixed broadheads, but that is something to keep in mind for the future. Truth be told, I can't tell if I'm missing high, low, or if the arrows are vanishing into a parallel universe. I have yet to recover an arrow, due to the environment. I'm giving a good looking over the area after every shot and I am VERY cautious to look for blood at the site and along the animal's egress route. These are clean, by a mile, misses.

"remember your sight and peep is higher than your arrow, and if your seat is low enough, or too close to one side or the other, there could be contact as your arrow is leaving the blind that you are not noticing." - This - Why is it that I know that almost instinctively when shooting rifle, but never considered it with a bow? (thanks Blkram(y))

Okay, so, in sum, I have a lot of issues (ha-ha, very funny), and will start by removing the screen to see if that corrects things any. I'll take my target out to the blind and see where I am hitting on it from there. Can't go out for a few days, due to work, but perhaps early next week.

Again, thank you. You are all great.
Lighted nocks are excellent. I've used them for years. They allow you to watch the arrows flight and you can see exactly where your arrow hits.
Arrow recovery is also much easier too.
FWIW, I shot this 9 pt Saturday evening at 25 yards. The lighted nock was easy to see and I watched it disappear into the lungs. The bolt recovery was quick and easy. He went 20 yards and piled up on the edge of the swamp. You can see the blind in the background.



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I'm guessing the mess window is causing an issue. If you are using a short high profile vane it might be causing the issue. Are you practicing with broadheads prior to hunting or just using field points and then putting on the broadhead to hunt? Your bow might not be tuned correctly and the impact is different with the two different points. The expandable head and mess will not work together as mentioned above.
That's a great looking animal JD. Teacher, I do practice with broadheads of the same weight and manufacture as I hunt.

I haven't bow hunted for very may years, and even when I do, it is limited. All of this is good gouge.