brass consistency between quality manufacturers


Feb 13, 2016
My 2nd match is coming in two weeks. A generous forum member sent me 300 pieces of 105 Hybrids for my BR ( thank you so much ) , after I ran out of Hybrids and unable to find some at the moment. I only have 100 pieces of 6 BR Lapua brass, I would have to test them with the new batch of Hybrids before the match comes and have less than 20 unfired pieces to use, so the remaining 60 pieces are saved for the match. I am seeking to buy a batch of 200 pieces of the same lot, so I'll have enough pieces for 3 matches before annealing, prep, etc. More likely I won't be able to match the same lot I currently have. I have Lapua brass, its great brass, but what about trying Peterson, Alpha or ADI?
My question is , which brass is more consistent in neck thickness / roundness and weight / volume? I don't have a tight neck chamber, my loaded round is a .268 and use a .266 bushing.
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