Cheap Scopes.

I wonder? Will Nikon honor their lifetime warranty on the scoped sold or drop us cold? I've heard some say it was the latter.
Paul B.
A club member told me that his friend was given a gift card from Nikon in place of warranty repair for his scope. Haven't had to cross that bridge myself yet. Dan.
Plenty of them on Ebay and GB. I've been watching some for a month or 2, but was waiting to see how this new scope worked out. They generally run right around $200, depending what kind of shape they are in, can be higher.

Wish they still made them. Bass Pro used to run sales on them and a pretty good scope for the money in my opinion. I've used some on other people's rifles I was working with, and I have a Pro-Staff 3-9 that came on a rifle I got. Unless it would go belly up for some reason, I'd imagine that scope will stay here. I like it.

I have a 3-9 prostaff on my 22 rimfire . I have no complaints at all . so I put a 3-9 prostaff on my grandsons 22 . it's a nice scope also . I got it from eurooptics , when Nikon was quitting rifle scopes . I think I paid $99 . it's a dandy scope at that price .

I only have a few Nikon products , but I like what I have .

I've read guys get a coupon for faulty rifle scopes . it can be used on any Nikon product .
Yup - they are on E-bay. I'm just too tight to pay north of $250 for a $325 scope when it was new. Just me- I've picked up a couple for $200 and less, so I guess I'm spoiled and going with out. :LOL: CL
I go for cheaper scopes for driven hunts. Light is good then.
Otherwise, our game comes out dusk or dawn where you need all the transmission you can get.
And 50-56 mm front diameter.