Cheap Tula 7.62x39, 124 gr soft point Jug Test.


Sep 22, 2014
Hello Shooters,

I shot the Tula 124 gr soft points into water jugs to see if they expanded and penetrated suitably for hunting.
Here is a video of my first attempt:
Here is a video of my second attempt:
And here is a short video when I found a bullet:

While it was inconsistent in its track, I enjoy the economics and deer and pig hunting potential of 7.62x39. I have taken a couple of pigs with it, and while the Hornady SST pills work better, the TulAmmo will take a pig with good shot placement.
Do you have a report on the performance of the ammunition on hogs? Fascinating effort to recover the bullet.
Yes, I took two or three hogs (pic in link below) with the Tula 124 gr. Shot placement is key, so a small boar fell instantly with a neck shot at 30 yds. While a sow shot at 100 yards was hit back a bit too far, and it required 3 shots to go down. All shots fully penetrated, but I have seen much faster terminal effects from Hornady SST.

I would like to try hunting with the 154 gr Tula, it seems to expand and penetrate a bit better.