Jug Test, Hornady 7.62x39, 123 gr SST, Steelcase


Sep 22, 2014
I shot my preferred 7.62x39 hunting load, the Hornady 123 gr SST, I to the water jugs.
Video: https://youtu.be/tHW15rsjg2Y

These Hornady SST bullets provide dramatic expansion, and while they tend to fragment in the feral hogs, shedding more than half their weight, they often exit. Whatever the case, with proper placement, the hogs drop quickly.


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Can't help but note those chompers on that beast. Slamming ham, that's where it's at.
Those cutters were impressive to me as well. I plan to have his skull Euromounted.
I really like that bullet. I've used them for soft target plinking and varmints in a 7.62x54R Sniper rifle. Our club does a firearm expo for the youth shooters every fall, covering a varied selection of arms supplied by members, and I'm usually in charge of the military collectable section. The reduced recoil and spectacular results on soft targets from a WWII correct sniper rifle really impresses the youngsters. Even more so when they can make consistent hits at 200 yards on old pumpkins and cabbage heads. Adding a few hundred fps in the X54r round turns that bullet into a grenade!