Choke Tubes


May 4, 2011
I bought a brand new Remington 870 in 20 gauge about a year or so back. Lovely little gun!

It came with the factory standard Modified choke. I was thinking of picking up a full choke for use with upland or turkeys and either a cylinder or improved cylinder for use with rifles slugs for deer hunting.

What brand does everyone prefer and are my elections for choke tube as far as my desired applications correct?

Thanks in advance.


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Carlson. Almost sent you to Rhino chokes from Mississippi. They know chokes, but are mostly geared to ducks and consequently 12 gauge.

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I picked up a Carlson IC and both rifles and rifles brenneke type slugs the other day. Been too busy to test them out but can’t wait to see how they shoot!

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I have Carlson's and Briley for a Browning an a Remington. I like 'em both. Though the Briley extended models I bought for shooting clays are awfully cool, with their color coded ends.

I MIGHT have gone a little overboard, what with IC, LM, Mod, IM, LF and Full. When I get back into waterfowling again, I fully expect that trying a bunch of the specialized tubes for non-toxic shot is gonna cost me a pretty penny. I know how I am.
The only choke tubes I have bought are Turkey chokes. I settled on a Pure Gold .670" ported choke for my 870 12 ga. When I bought my wife her Franchi Affinity 20 ga, I got her a Pure Gold .570" ported turkey choke. She killed her Tom this past spring at a lasered 53 yards (after the fact) which surprised me. FWIW, the porting is not for recoil reduction, it's to slow down the wad for a more consistent pattern.

I like Kicks and Indian Creek chokes. My latest is a .675 ported Gobblin' Thunder Turkey choke for 12 gauge..Not sure what constrictions work in 20's, but if you go to Kicks web site and fill in the info about your gun, intended load, etc it will recommend a choke. After it selects a choke, be sure to scroll down the page and it tells you the recommended restriction based on shell length and shot size.
Kicks choke selector