"Don't Hunt Bear!"

Went today to pull the card from a cam I have at a hub ground blind. Two of the blind’s hubs were smashed in, the window screens ripped and the trail cam was gnawed on. The Lens was cracked and all the pics were blurry and red. Yogi needs to catch some lead. 🤬🤬
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This is an old post but caught my attention.

My first time eating bear was in the kitchen of Mt View Elementary School, Raleigh County WV. It’s not even there anymore. I was best friends with the principals son and his dad had gotten a bear. He brought some in, and had one of the lunch ladies fix it for his lunch. He called his son and I into the lunch room kitchen. We sat down, and had the best lunch of black bear, mashed potatoes and gravy, with homemade rolls. That was all it took. Been a favorite ever since.
Lord we have so many bears here in certain areas you can bait grizzlies and black bear every year in certain areas. For black bear I believe it’s 3 bears per year on tags are free. On the Denali Highway also 1 Grizzly per year. One year we had 13 grizzlies killed around Fairbanks Area so close to town, everyone had a gun.
This thread is turning humorous in rapid fashion.:LOL: Don't hunt bare, indeed! I did know of a man who taught hunting techniques that required people to strip naked, smearing their bodies with soot from a cold fire. These hearty souls were trained to move noiselessly through the forest. Evidence of their success was that they had to pluck hairs from the back of a deer in the forest. I never tried it as I wasn't all that thrilled at the thought of me being bare in the forest.
OMG, this has gotten hilarious. :)

I can hardly bear it... ;)

Plucking hair from a deer, while sneaking through the woods bare? My goodness... I think I'd cheat and take some deer hair with me somehow. LOL!

I have just said to people what are these pointing to my canine teeth, what are they for is cutting and ripping meat. I for one am not going to fight millions of years of evolution. They never have an answer to that. I also ask them why they don’t feel that way about a Fish or Rodent. So I say what you are telling Me is, you only like the cute animals ! Got it.
My youngest son lost a very cute potential girlfriend when he invited her over to the house and she saw the bear rugs, skulls, deer & elk antlers... Yup. That was her last visit! Was kinda funny, even my son thought so. :)

I believe that is the only good definition of "dodging the bullet". I've had to win over a few of the in-laws over the years. I keep my conversations polite, and I don't try to change their minds, but if it gets too bad I remind them that this "gun toting redneck" has been taking care of their little girl for 36+ years. She just smiles and pats me on the back. I think our third date involved shooting a rifle. We've have a running joke that whenever she gets flowers its because I shot the Jack rabbit that was carrying them. Silly but its ours.... The only success I can see is trying to be the good person that does "that thing" some folks dont like. CL
My sister in law never wanted to eat venison.
Ok - she ate duck I killed.
One day she tried and from that day on she always asked if I could prepare some when she visits.
My girlfriend only eats meat I took. No production for her. And I had former colleagues that are vegetarian who said venison would be ok for them. Again mass production.
I found out that the higher the education, the better you can get into conversation. Doesn't mean you convince them, but at least you can talk.
There is a joke going around.
How do you recognise a vegan at a party?

Because they will tell everyone...