Elk done--Ibex next

gentlemen. thank you

Tom, you definitely have one daughter that loves to hunt.

Dan, I will get to spend time with her and my daughter which is an additional plus for me. Once I finish selling everything here, I will head back home, especially now that I am no longer able to sail----or hunt.

Frank, how very kind of you--thank you. We ( my granddaughter and I have explored Germany together and like your country but she has never hunted there ) She has hunted Javelina in Arizona and wild hogs in Texas however. She is a bit of a nostalgia girl as she wanted ( and did ) use her grandfathers Win 71 and Savage 99 rifles on those hunts. Her mother, father, brother, and uncle all hunt. As an aside Frank, didn't some wild boars invade a town in Germany last year and attach some people ?
Thread has drifted a bit--but I remember a bunch of the fellows got to together and went to Texas on a hog hunt and they were very successful. I didn't know that they attack people.

Anyway, hope all goes well on her Ibex hunt. that is a goat with some massive horns . I would not have anyplace to put those horns in my house
From time to time they end up in the Cities and can get ugly. Sometimes the police solves the problem, though I am not sure if they cause more problems doing so. MP5 full-auto had several rounds going wild. Luckily no one got hurt.

Berlin has major problems because 'big city nature lovers' feed them. There are hunters going after them at night. With rifles. Makes you wish for bows or crossbows being legal.
I live in a 35.000 people-town just south of Hamburg and we have a small river going through with 50 yards of reeds both sides.
The boar like it there and sometimes go into gardens looking for insects and worms in the ground. Looks like after a bombing when they are done.
Friends parked their car to find themselves in the middle of them - they are sure they would have broken a world record getting back in the car!
Letting dogs run free there is no good idea since they get very aggressive when cornerd.
A lot of dogs wear kevlar-vests on driven hunts.
And ours are not as big as the ones in the east or Turkey...

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This is great news April,

Very good to hear her getting it done! Hope that sprin trip turns out even better!

She got her Ibex. Not a trophy class but she got one. Then her mother and I surprised her with a Fallow deer hunt. This is an easy hunt in Spain, but still one more animal that has fallen to her little 7mm-08. We topped it off with a day of Partridge hunting. They just left and I think I will sleep for a week (-; I hope I am able to make the trip to Namibia with her next year, as watching her brings a smile to this old face, but for now I will be asleep as soon as hit submit
Congratulations, April to your granddaughter, your daughter and to you. Your granddaughter will remember this for the rest of her life.
April very happy to hear of your granddaughter's successful hunts.
Sounds like a dream come true for you both and I'm very happy for you both.
Congratulations to your granddaughter. How nice that you got to spend some quality time with your daughter and granddaughter. It sounds like it was a great experience for all.

April, this is a true blessing the three of you had to share this time together. Very special indeed.
So happy for all of you.
Ibex, awesome!
And a fallow deer too, very cool!
Then some partridge...
What an awesome trip and adventure for you and your daughter and grand daughter!
Memories to be cherished by all for the rest of your lives.
That little 7mm-08 is tallying up the harvests and adventures quite nicely!
So glad to hear that you are able to share these experiences with them.
Looking forward to hearing about further adventures in Namibia!
April I missed the updates on ibex and Fallow. Sounds like an outstanding adventure. Sorry to read you're giving up sailing, you taking up skydiving?
Looking forward to additional reports on the young lady's adventures.

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April, congratulations to your granddaughter. If I am correct, she now has mule deer, fallow deer, coues deer, elk, Ibex and antelope notches on her 7mm-08. Are you only hunting plains game in Namibia ? if she does hunt something larger will she use your 375 H & H ?

And THANK YOU, the information you sent my wife, it is extremely appreciated. Now we start saving.