Fox Grips Sheet


Apr 30, 2016
After doing the sponge camo paint job on the grandson’s rifle, when I put the dead flat clear topcoat, it got pretty slippery. I ordered the 6”x6” sheet of Foxx Gripps. I think they’re intended for pistols, but I have them a shot. I just cut a piece of masking tape 6” and put it on the rifle and drew the pattern I wanted. Then just stuck the tape on the foxx grips sheet and cut it out. I used kitchen scissors and it cuts real easy. They send a prep pad for cleaning the surface. This stuff is STICKY so have it where you want it before pressing it down. But if you want to tweak it after it’s applied, you can use an exacto knife to cut it. It cuts easy and peels away with some effort. If you have to apply around a bend, just heat it up slightly with a hair dryer or heat gun on low. I like that it’s rubbery and grippy, without the abrasive feeling of traction tape. I think it’ll hold up to normal use. And at only .025” thick, it really doesn’t add that much. Got the sheet on Amazon for $10.99..I know the grips are a little closer to the receiver instead of being centered, but the grandson has short arms..LOL. I just had him shoulder it and hold it where it felt comfortable, marked the stock, and that's where I put them. I have enough left for a piece for the trigger hand, but haven't sussed out how I want to do it.


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Appears to be a positive enhancement ensuring that the rifle is prepared for use in the field. Good move.