Good year for my son


Jan 14, 2008
My son and I each purchased properties in rural Idaho- He is my only neighbor within 3/4 mile. Sold our homes in town and commute about 1 hr each way for work. The wives love the peace and quiet and all the critters. Still living in the shop and trailers until 2022 when we can build. This hunting season turned out pretty good since we are hunting right out of our back yards. Meaning - just wake up and get on wheeler and get behind a gate and start hunting.

We have been hunting up here for 18 years now and this is the best buck tagged so far.
He did well. This buck thought he was hidden in the brush and stayed in his bed. He just froze. The brush was about 6 - 7 feet tall but we were looking down into it from about 250 yds out and above.
We put a string to the rack and it came out to 159 1/2" .... give or take of course.

But ... always a but - the Whitetail population in central and pan handle is getting hit hard again with EHD and / or ??? I'm hearing of other hunters and landowners find carcasses - many..... This is not good. We were just starting to recover. Bummer !!



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Sep 30, 2004
That’s an amazing buck! It sure is nice having some property and knowing your neighbors

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Nov 4, 2004
Beautiful buck. Congratulations to your son.