Got my elk

Congrats!!! - that is a cool looking Bull, quite a white rack, that seems unique. Jealous of your freezer this winter. Good to see one of those big Wbys do the job! CL
Valentine Nebraska just south of the South Dakota border
Fotis: is there a draw for non resident tags in Nebraska or do you have to buy a landowner tag?
Congrats, Fotis! I had two elk tags, and didn't even see one. I seen lots of whitetail and mule deer. Next week, four deer WILL be in the freezer.
Very cool looking bull, makes me wonder how he rubbed off the velvet(y)

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SJB358":2pebr9o8 said:
Where were you hunting Fotis? Looks like some serious open range!
I was just wondering the same thing....... Nebraska, must be better eating then those Wyoming Bulls!?!
Very nice Bull Fotis, that should supply you & your family with a steak or 2 :wink:.
Congratulations my Friend (y).