Great range day!


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Oct 30, 2004
Went out yesterday and did some shooting. My primary goal was to finalize the 350 Rem mag load. see here for details.

Well I dropped the load a few grains and this is what I got.


To say I am happy would be truly an understatement!

Then on to my El Cheapo Ugly Mossberg patriot in 7mm PRC. Impulse buy but at less than $400 I could not pass it up


The 162 ELDX and Reloder 26 did not disappoint.


Then a couple of weeks ago I "bought---paid nothing" this 7mm-08 Savage Axis XP. God bless the Sportsman Visa dollars! I think this is my 4th free gun from that program.

I replaced the cheap scope with a Nikon and worked the trigger from 6 to 2 lbs. Well no surprises there!

Second load shot with the LRX


I walked away whistling a happy tune.
Outstanding work Fotis.
You certainly know how to tweak top accuracy out of a rifle. The 350 Rem Mag is going to be an end hammer, especially in the black timber.
Nicely done buddy.

Great work Fotis. As Jim said, "You certainly know how to tweak top accuracy out of a rifle. " That 350 Rem. Mag. should make a great elk rifle and load.
Might fine shooting as always. Looking forward to pictures of an elk with your 350. Those Mossbergs shoot better than they look. Dan.
Thank you. Rare day when you take a bunch of rifles to the range and you come back satisfied with all of them!

Looks like the 350 is elk hunting this year.


Can't imagine that this will disappoint. Great work on your part.
Nice work👍
Can’t knock the Mossberg , my brother has a Mossberg Maverick in 30-06 and it’s a shooter for $189.
RL17 and 7mm-08 , yep match made in heaven.
Cool rifles and outstanding reloading Fotis! That 7PRC must be the definition of a "sleeper" truck gun. Does it get in fights with your nice Weatherbys? CL
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Vortex Razor is a nice choice. You’ve got way more patients than me working with those split rings.
Just Wow Fotis! I think I’d be happy to hold any of your rifles or ammo… all top shelf performance!