Head swipes with new Petersons in 6 BR


Feb 13, 2016
A couple months ago, I was searching for 200 pieces of new brass since I use Lapua, but Lapua was not available, so I contacted Peterson and asked if they could send me some samples to try before buying and they were kind enough to send me 7 pieces of 6 BR brass as samples to try. I loaded 27.5 and 27.8 grains of Varget tipped with 105 VLD, and .010" off the lands. Last month at the range, I tested them, and got hard bolt lift on all 7 pieces with head swipes on each piece. The powder weight is .5 grain under max and the velocity was only 2650 ish roughly off the top of my head and I was surprised on the results because I get 30 grains of Varget with Lapua brass, and velocity is 2825 fps and no signs of pressure or hard bolt lifts or swipes. I was wondering why I'm getting the head swipes. There are no flattening of primers, or pressure signs on the brass except the swipes on the head / hard bolt lift.
Of all my Peterson brass I fire form to my chamber with a mild load no problems. Now my boys 257 Wby (Peterson 270 Wby brass sized) I went straight to load work up because I used the same brass in mine. I did get swipes on his brass like you mention.
I use Peterson in 6 Creed , 25 Creed , 257 Wby , 6.5 Creed , and 375 Wby all of which was fired with a light load and no issues what so ever.
The other thing I know is the Creed brass rim is thick , requiring me to go through a bunch of shell holder to find one that works without binding.
Peterson is known for being thicker and in the end more robust brass. Often times the same load you have previously used in other brands of brass will exhibit too much pressure for the Peterson brass. Its also worth mentioning that the accuracy and general loading / shooting will improve after its been fired (1x at the least) and somewhat expanded. I know you might be concerned but you wont find better brass than Peterson. Its precision made top shelf quality brass made here in America. I use it in my 280 Ackley Improved. I have 50 pieces that Im currently on my 4rth firing. Ive only annealed once and the primer pockets are still like brand new.
When I have a chance I'm going to check H20 case fill and compare them to the Lapua cases. I'll prep those cases as I normally do, and check headspace and trim length, and try again using 2 and a half and 3 grains less powder that I normally use for the Lapua brass.
When I was shooting benchrest using a 6br, Lapua or Norma was what I used most. One friend swore by Peterson another swore at it. I bought some and never tried it before selling the rifle and components. As Ben stated it is thicker therefore need to do a load work up just for it. Dan.