Henry XModel 44 mag


Oct 30, 2017
Just picked up this gem.

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Nice. I fondled a Ruger 77/44 today which was a pretty nice package too. That looks like a really nice package. One question. How do you like the tube feed. I’ve never shot a Henry centerfire lever with a tube feed magazine. I’ve shot a bunch of 22lr’s with varying results. I’m assuming they’re much better than the average tube feed magazine or Henry wouldn’t have it.
The more I look at it the more I like it. I especially like the attention paid to the lever. One thing I disliked about my OLD guide gun was the smalll, sharp edged lever loop. Marlin has now fixed that but that 450 sure bit my knuckles. This rifle would make a dandy deer gun for areas with cartridge restrictions. The 44 mag makes a good gun for bear over hounds as well believe it or not. A much under rated and over looked round for short range hunting.

Looks like a threaded barrel too. You could put a can on it.