Hornady 143 grain ELD-X

I'm not surprised that they work, and your report confirms that, Jake. I question how valuable they will be to me (or to a large segment of the shooting public) as I seldom take a shot over 400 yards. I am always pleased to see advances in product, as each advances provides a foundation for the next. Can't wait to see what comes next.
Well, I did use this bullet to harvest a moose this past weekend. No real test of the bullet as it was a 2 1/2 yr old bull at 20 yards, with a frontal shot ( only presentation given). The bullet entered the chest, knicking the ribs beside the trachea/esophagus. The bullet destroyed one lung, but did not penetrate through the diaphragm into the abdominal cavity, which was a pleasant surprise as I did not have to deal with that mess. I did not recover the bullet from the lung tissue or congealed blood inside the thoracic cavity. But it did not waste any meat either, another bonus for this meat hunter! All in all, I am happy with the performance of this cartridge/bullet combination so far.
I shot a buck Sunday morning with my new 264 win mag set up for longer shots and the 143gr ELD-X. My gunsmith buddy who built the gun had an employee who was drooling over it and wanting to do the load work so I let him. He is a great shooter and guy and they often go shoot at an 800yd range in pasture belonging to the gunsmith's family on calm mornings before work. The gun ended up loving 74gr of RL33 and pushing the 143gr ELD-X to 3240fps with no signs of pressure. I'm not sure where that ranks as far as a hot load as I've never seen RL33 shown on the books but it seems to perform well.

I came home from Sunday mornings hunt having not seen any deer. It was pretty cool and I thought I might have to help Dad get his tractor started so I slipped out early. When I got home Dad's tractor was just backing out of the shed so I headed in the house. My wife immediately told me about the wide racked buck she had seen crossing a field not long before. I knew what buck it was and where it was headed home to as soon as she told me so I hustled back out to head him off. I ended up spotting him about the same time as he spotted me, and ended up killing him on a running shot at 150yds as he headed back toward the timber. I hit him right through the front shoulder and the bullet fragmented on impact. I did not find any pieces of the bullet large enough to recover, but he dropped in his tracks. According to Hornady's ballistic calculator that bullet was still moving around 3000fps on impact so that needs considered too.

I can't say I'm super pleased with the bullets performance, but can't be to upset when it killed the deer like it did at that speed. I know an AccuBond would have held together better. I need to take some more game with this bullet before I decide if I will stick with it or not. The rifle sure likes it and that's important on a long range gun also. I don't feel that it meets the "all range" advertising they use from my very limited test. The Berger started at 2914fps from my other 264 penetrates better than this one did, but the impact velocity of this bullet was higher than the muzzle velocity of my other rifle.

I tried to add a pic but it says the file is to large.
I think it would hold up better in a lower velocity such as in a 6.5 Creedmoor, just an assumption.

Congrats on that deer.
TackDriver284":2q8mncuq said:
I think it would hold up better in a lower velocity such as in a 6.5 Creedmoor, just an assumption.

Congrats on that deer.

We shall see.. I think at lower speeds on deer sized stuff they should be dynamite.
Thanks guys. I agree that the bullet would likely have looked much different at a lower impact speed. Started at 2750 from a Creedmoor the impact velocity would have been nearly 500fps slower. Kinda wish my rifle liked the ABLR as well as the Hornady now, accuracy just wasn't there with that bullet in this rifle.
I like shooting the 143s at steel out past Ft. Mudge and it did fine on my caribou last fall....

But i just got my shopping list for loading the 6.5 and the 130AB was on it. If I can get them shooting well...they're up to bat this fall.
I have yet to try this bullet on game. I have ran a box or two of the precision hunters through my 6.5 CM at paper, and they shot very well. Next Deer season I’m gonna try these and the 129 ABLR. I just hope I don’t have the issues that some have had getting the ABLR to shoot. I’m still a big fan of the 130 AB though, so may try them.

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TackDriver284":m63zyvo5 said:
I think it would hold up better in a lower velocity such as in a 6.5 Creedmoor, just an assumption.

Congrats on that deer.

Makes total sense. Probably not for my 6.5mm Bee at 3250 fps.
For deer and antelope I think they’d be an awesome bullet. Looks like ballistic tip performance to me, and those suckers put critters down.
I know it's been a while since this thread was active, but I was just curious how you are liking them 143 ELD-X in your 264 win mag, mcseal2?
I've been working on load development for my 264, and after seeing a cutaway picture of the ELD-X and the ELD-M, showing the joke for an interlock ring, I think I may switch to the 147 gr ELD-M.
It'll probably hold together just as good as the 143, and all the numbers look better on it.
Wow I didn't spot your question for a while.

Accuracy and consistency are great. I have taken one other deer, a doe at 321yds. I hit her quartering to me at a fairly steep downhill angle at last light on the last day of doe season. I waited to get the broadside shot I wanted, she just never offered it and it was my last opportunity. The bullet performed well. It entered high in the chest, exited the lower chest in front of the guts, and broke a hind leg on it's way into the ground. Impact velocity should have been around 2750fps. I didn't recover the bullet but the wound channel was similar to what I'd expect from an AccuBond, no excessive damage.

Thanks for getting back to me Mcseal2!
I guess it's best summed up as the bullets work, but they don't perform. I did switch to the 147 ELDM. Not sure what the deal is with the ELD series but it does seem like the 7mm, 264, and 6 mm are having trouble staying together? Seems allot of reports over the last 4 or so months of issues, and my nephew had difficulty with them out of his 7 mag on elk this last year.
He is going back to partitions.

I've had nothing short of good experience with the 200 gr ELDX out of my 300 win mag. That's kind of what led me to try the ELDX in my 264 win mag.

I'm sure by now Hornady is aware there is a problem, if they weren't aware at release.

If Berger ever releases that 155 gr or whatever weight they end up coming up with, I will try them for sure.
So I tried the 143 eldx in my new 6.5 Creedmoor. Handloads at 2550 fps (22 inch brl).

At 100 yards we doublded up a couple pieces of thick carpet in front of a plastic 5 gallon bucket full of sifted loose topsoil.

I shot three times into the bucket and the eldx was resting against the far side of the bucket. All three bullets were destroyed with just the copper jacket recovered. I did not find a solid lead core.

My father had his 270 with 130 accubonds and 150 partitions. We moved the bucket back to 200 yards to make it a little more fair comparison.

The 130 accubonds from the 270 barely made it through 3/4 of the dirt. The AccuBond looked identical to the eldx. It was just the copper core with little bits of lead "bonded" to some of the copper. But overall weight retention of the accubonds was within 5 to 10% of eldx. So by no means by this unscientific test would I call the accubonds (which I love btw) a magic super bullet.

The 150 270 Partition did what a Partition is supposed to do and knocked the bucket right over.

Attached are pics of the 143 eldx. My dad brought the 130 and 150 home so Im waiting for him To send me pics because I forgot to take one before we left.

The eldx shoots such good groups from my 6.5 I'm thinking of giving it a go for mule deer and cow elk.

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While I love perfect Bullet pictures that sorta expansion at that speed will kill stuff just fine if you stay off large bones I’d think.
SJB358":z26xtkx3 said:
While I love perfect Bullet pictures that sorta expansion at that speed will kill stuff just fine if you stay off large bones I’d think.
I think so too. 6.5 is no 300 win mag. The 6.5 143 eldx poked holes kleen through the 1/4 inch think steel plate at 100 yards. That steel is much harder than a leg or shoulder.

I was more disappointed that the AccuBond didn't hold together any better than the eldx in the dirt bucket test.

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