I Think I’ll Keep Her


Apr 7, 2019
Just got back from a little over a week of hunting. I was very successful but didn’t pull the trigger once. First, my freezer was full of venison when I left so it was for pure enjoyment that I went. Second, it’s been a year I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, it’s been tough, so I just watched.
I saw deer and other game every day that I was afield and enjoyed it all very much. However as most of you know that with personal feelings being what they are I just watched them this year. I watched a doe spend an hour running herself ragged taking care of 2 yearlings that’s life mission was to get in trouble. I watched a young 3 point aggravate a bigger buck by wanting to play and get ran off out of frustration. I had a chipmunk sit on my knee for at least 25 seconds just hanging out taking a break. Out of all interactions, by far the coolest was seeing a Black Bear with insomnia getting a snack before bed. I didn’t want to kill anything this year, I simply watched and enjoyed. Only time in my life I’ve ever done this and it was fun. I Still live to hunt and shoot but this is just how it went this time. I had a tag for everything except the chipmunk.

Now as to why ‘I think I’ll keep her”. My wife decided she would cheer me up and had one of my Christmas presents waiting when I walked it. She bought 6lbs of Staball HD to go with the 6 I had bringing the total to 12lbs. I sure hope it does well because I haven’t fired a shot of the stuff.
6lbs of IMR7828, 4lbs of IMR4831, 5lbs of CFE223, 5lbs of H4895, and a brick of Federal GMM Magnum Large Rifle match primers and a brick of Remington 7 1/2 Bench Rest primers.

She always seems to know when to pick me up, cheer me up, kick me in the rear, and get me going again. She said to make up her mind what to get she watched the ones I used most and got those, and the Staball I wouldn’t shut up about. Lol

I don’t deserve her and I’m glad that her taste in powder & primers is much better than her taste in men, or I’d be in real trouble. That’s my girl.

EDIT: OH!!! To top everything off she made venison loin, mashed potatoes with venison gravy,Parmesan garlic green beans, and biscuits for dinner. Yeah I’ll definitely keep her.
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A considerate lady as a man's wife is priceless. I'm certain it works the other way that a considerate man as a woman's husband is a rarity, if the complaints of a surprising number of women means anything. You have a keeper, that's for sure.
Joe sounds like you had an enjoyable time in the woods. You just never know what you're going to see. As for your wife she sure sounds like one precious lady. Dan.
This came off as being much sappier a post than I had intended. I had good intentions, but please, feel free to let this one fade into obscurity. :LOL: My Mancard may still be revoked over this one. LOL:LOL:
All treasured gifts that will be remembered fondly for years to come!
True blessings received in many forms, and all to be cherished individually.
It happened to me once, 26 years. Second time around I hit the jackpot!
My better half enjoys life and the outdoors. She loves to shoot and hunt. The down side is everything cost me 2x. I created a monster!

Yup- We've seen her Nosler rifle.... :) . Still a bargain, as you know. CL