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Dec 2, 2010
Well my wife did it again!!! This weekend the weather was perfect for hunting in WI. My wife and I hunted together Saturday and had a great day. She couldn't hunt Sunday morning because of her master's program but at 11AM she text me and said she was going solo to a different property than I was on and would text me when she was in her stand. At 12:45 she text me that she was in her stand and ready for the afternoon sit. Within minutes she had does passing by and even had a little buck push a doe. She text me and said she needed to focus and would text when she was at her car after the hunt. After 2.5 hours, I got a text that I had to decode but it said, "just shot a nice buck." We talked on the phone and I told her to give it 30 minutes and go look at the arrow and meet me at the car in 45 minutes. I hurried as fast as I could from my hunting location to go help her. As I was driving, I had no cell coverage for the first 20 minutes. As I got service, my phone lit up with pictures of a dead buck. She went to the arrow, saw great blood and started tracking solo. She went 60 yards and found her buck. When I got to her car, she was unpacking and all smiles. She was so proud of herself for picking the tree to sit in and doing it all solo. The last time she sat in that stand was last year and she killed another 9 pointer.

I guess all I'm good for is setting stands, taking pictures, gutting and dragging!!!!!

Defiantly a proud husband moment. She has been hunting with me for 9 years and we have gone from sitting in the same tree together to her going solo. I'm confident in her abilities and decisions she makes in the woods. She's is a damn good hunter.

Picture with the black shirt is 2023 camo jacket is 2022.


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Those are great bucks. Congratulations to the young lady. She has learned well and performed most excellently. Kudos to the coach.
That is a dandy buck she tagged. I'm certain you're proud of her. Congratulations to your lady. You did great job encouraging her and supporting her, and your loving input has paid great rewards.
Congratulations to your bride. She has a couple of dandy bucks there! I'd say you best keep in shape, she is going to be keeping you busy.
Nicely done!

Congratulations to her and her coach and blind installer, well done! Beautiful bucks!!!
While she may be able to complete the hunt on her own, it sounds like she enjoys your support and assistance in setting her up to win! And the knowledge that you are there if she needs you for any further support in getting her animal found and home. Not to mention your happiness, pride and congratulations in her successes.
Yeah, if she learns to kill spiders and open jar lids, you're out.
Seriously though congratulations to her on a nice buck and to you on being a great teacher.