I wish Mr Kingfisher would find another perch.


Work, load, shoot, hunt, repeat
Apr 19, 2022
This handsome guy needs to find somewhere else to build his nest.
This is the third year I've seen him on his morning perch on the 200 yard target post.

Luckily, it's me not one of the other degenerates that might see him.
The good news is that a overwhelming percent of people at this range either don't have a rifle accurate enough or have a good enough shot to pick him off or even have a good enough scope to even spot him. Lol.

Taking pictures though a scope is pretty difficult by the way. Taken through a Zeiss v6 5-30 on 30 power.20240322_090317.jpg20240322_100420.jpgScreenshot_20240322-111943_Photos.jpgScreenshot_20240322-111913_Photos.jpg
Kingfisher is such a cool bird! Quite a few of them live along the Columbia River & tributaries in my area. Very skittish! They tend to not allow a photographer to get very close, and they don't sit still long either.

Cool photos!