In 1993


Sep 29, 2006
A sister company to AMT, called IAI produced a 1911 longslide chambered in 10mm called the "Javelina". I purchased one that year. 1994 saw me getting divorced and needing cash so a friend wanted the pistol bad. I don't know what it was about that pistol but it shot very well for me, in the 2 years I had the pistol I killed numerous deer with it making shots that surprised me at times. Fast forward 20 couple years after making numerous offers to buy the gun back with no success, the guy calls me and wants to trade for a deer rifle, so we made a deal, a remington 600 mohawk in 243 w/ a 3x9 loopy scope. it was just before deer season I sighted it in and handed it over in trade. He killed his biggest buck to date that year and I finally had the 10mm back. a few days later I carry the 10mm down to one of my deer crossings and a doe was bedded at 70 yards. when she stood up I lined up the sights, squeezed and she took a dirt nap! good to have it back, 1993 was the only year this pistol was produced

Congratulations on getting that pistol back and using it on a successful hunt. Good shooting. Dan
Nice looking pistol. There's something about the 1911 that fits me perfectly and I shoot my best with.
The 10mm is a powerhouse.
Glad you were able to get it back home.

It is sure a handsome pistol. And quite obviously it will deliver the goods as you have demonstrated. No doubt that fine doe will provide some memorable meals made all the more memorable by the pistol used to take her down.
Love 1911s, never owned one in 10mm, or other than the 45 I carried on duty. Always wanted to shoot a long slide as well.
Glad you got your pistol back, looks like you’ll eat well for a while
I picked up a used Kimber Eclipse Custom II in 10mm a couple of years ago.
Unfortunately we cannot use them for hunting here, but should I ever get to hunt Alaska, it will be making the trip with me for as a back up weapon. I have picked up some of the Buffalo Bore 200 gr Hard Cast ammo for it. If it works on Cape Buffalo, it should work just fine on grizzly/brown bears! Could be fun to use on a rutting bull moose or caribou too. It would definitely add th the hunting challenge, just like bow hunting, to get in close enough!
And with our government changing the rules, I am glad now that I got it when I did!