Interesting morning


Dec 11, 2010
One very interesting morning. Night before last, a somewhat on again off again girl friend gave me a text message asking what I wanted to do today. I told her I'll think of something but it'll be a surprise. Told he to meet me at the house about 9:30 AM and we'd go from there. We ended up at the Tucson airport and I drove around pretending to look for something. Probably be more pretend than not as I haven't been there in years. Finally "found" the place and I said , "Let's go." The surprise was a half hour flight in a vintage 1930's Ford Trimotor, the original '."Tin Lizzie." What a boot! We had to wait for our flight, number four, as number three was yet to go. Talk about flying in class. Leather seats, more leg room than in first class for all passengers. Free air though a round hole in the window and windows large enough for even a lardo like to be almost able the crawl through. Great for viewing. Flying in the 1930's was truly an adventure. Naturally the flight was bumpy as hell it was probably some where in the mid 90s give or take and some of the thermals really pushed that old bird around. No sound proofing and conversation was almost impossible. Tomorrow and Sunday there will be rides on Doc, a B29 super fortress. I gave it some thought toward treating myself but not at $600 a pop. BTW, it was $190 for my date and me. After the flight we had a long lazy lunch at Karichimaki which has some decent Mexican food. A nice Dos Exxes Amber to wash it all down was the icing on the cake.
Paul B.
Sounds like a great day! That would be a cool flight.