it's about over , hunting for bucks .

I can see how that would be most attractive to ungulates. Careful, there, Jim, or you'll soon have elk visiting your food plots! ;)
I've been cutting Russian Olive and Multi Floral Rose, slowly taking back my property from these invasive species. Been seeing several fresh rubs and saw 2 fresh scrapes. Bucks are just starting to drop antlers but most are dropped in February and March.
Here is an 8 pt that should be a nice buck come this fall.



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this past week I did get three pics of bucks . nothing great , but they'll grow up .

MFDC9878 (2).JPG STC_0013 (6).JPG STC_0007 (11).JPG

I'm not sure what to expect next season . we are going to plant more food plots to try and hold the deer we have . this year we had a bunch of things happen around us that I think really went in our favor . about a week , maybe two , before the start of rifle season , the game commission did a controlled burn that got away from them . I never heard how many acres burned . this ground is only about 2 miles away from us . a lease beside us just about clear cut the property . all these deer had to go somewhere , I'm sure some came on us . we had some dandy bucks, and more showed up . I was able to keep tabs on one good one from about mid November on .it took a little , but I convinced one of the rifle hunters to go after him . he got him about halfway through the last week of rifle .it was his second or third time hunting him . these are the best pics I got of him . I was sent a tailgate pic of him , it must be on my phone .

STC_0028 (6).JPG STC_0026 (3).JPG
I like to see nice bucks . I don't care who shot them , who's property they are on , or what state they are in . I like to see them .

I got the pic off my phone .

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Yep me too Jim! I'm the last guy you would call a trophy hunter, but I'll jump in my truck and drive to see a good buck. I like those heavy rascals similar to the one you posted. That's a good one in my book.
I moved one camera to a spot I want to see what's going on, and brought the rest home .

I got two bucks this week .

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MFDC9889 (2).JPG

another very curious doe . I've probably got 5 or 6 of these curious buggers this year .
STC_0019 (6).JPG

didn't take long to be able to tell the access was opened up .

open access.jpg
Wow! And one wanted a selfie, though the shot betrayed a rather clumsy ungulate. That deer needs to learn that there must be some distance from the camera to get a good photo.
the one camera I have out I moved to a trail to try and see what's using it . in the snow it looked like a bowling ball was rolled through there .there are a few of these bowling ball trails , but this one looked a little wider , so I thought it might have more traffic . the snow , on this trail , was packed so hard I couldn't even make out a track . it looks like raccoons and coyotes are using it . I had a few pics of something walking under the camera , but didn't get enough to tell what it was . I had the camera to high , I angled it so it has a lower view .

MFDC0761 (2).JPG

MFDC0758 (2).JPG

MFDC0759 (2).JPG
I think it was Monday . we walked up on about 8 or 10 deer . 3 of the deer were very nice rack bucks . it's been an easy winter , the deer look to be in great shape .

it looks like my last camera is watching mainly raccoons ,and porcupines . I got a rabbit , and I think it's a opossum , on a blurry pic . I'll let it out for another week or two , just to see if anything interesting shows up . it's a busy trail , I'm getting about 30 pics a week .

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MFDC0791 (2).JPG

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Still animals moving. Always nice to see some of the locals moving about, even if you wouldn't be inclined to tag them.
looks like mostly porcupines , a few raccoons , and a coyote here and there .
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Love seeing the porcupines, nevertheless. I know they can be real pests gnawing on canoe paddles, etc., but I still find them comical as they waddle about. Coyotes, not so much. I know that they serve a purpose in their ecosystem, but they are more than pests.
I just got porcupines last week . this week I got a few pics of the porcupines paired up . I also got a good sized bobcat .

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MFDC0882 (2).JPG

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I found a den yesterday , that looks active . I'm going to put a camera on it , to see what's using it .