May 26, 2012
Had this bumper in my apartment, along with the fender deletes and rear bumper, for two years.

Finally got around to mounting the front bumper and front fender deletes today. I didn’t want to sell them just took forever to get around to mounting them. Tomorrow I’ll cut the front fender mounts off.

Later I’ll mount the red inner fenders. Waiting on Steinjäger to send me some bolts so I can mount the rear bumper before I move to Alaska. Eventually I’ll buy some red rock sliders and finish changing the control arms to Core 4x4 control arms. In red of course so I can match my Glock 10mm.



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I think that's the first I've seen one without the front fenders . sure changes the looks of it . we wouldn't be able to street drive that in PA .
I don't want to get stopped again by the Washington State Patrol. I'll keep my fenders thank you. :)

They stopped me a couple of years ago for no mud flaps. According to state law, the trooper was correct. I got mud flaps. He waved and smiled at me two weeks later. He's a good guy. My Jeep wasn't legal the way it sat - and I only had a 2.5" suspension and 33" tires...

Yours looks good though. Interesting... Why'd you keep the full width front bumper? Just curious. Mine has been real happy with the stubby front bumper so the tires can engage obstacles easily.

Kept the full width bumper to give the tires some protection.

The lack of fenders, front or rear, is legal on a Jeep in Arizona. Since it has Arizona tags it’s legal. 🤣 once I get to Alaska I may decide to put front fenders on it again.

I like the look without the fenders.

Got around to putting on the inner fender liners today.


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Quite colorful.
I got that black and red theme going. Just like my Glock 20.

Back when I was riding bulls I had a pair of black chaps with red fringe for a time. That is until I got my turquoise with metallic pink fringe chaps. Those were wicked!

Maybe my next Jeep will be turquoise. 🙂


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