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Feb 13, 2016
I finally stocked up on 165 grain Ballistic Tips a few weeks ago that will last me for years, was not able to find the 168 Ballistic Tips, its been several years since I used the 165's / 168's. It's my favorite bullet next to the 178 ELD's. I wanted to stick with the 165's, so I whipped up some charges of Varget in .3 grain increments from 44.8 to 46.0 grains, bumped .020" to fit magazine. Looks like my fast node is at 45.7 grains at 2840 fps. I would love to run this through some jugs @100.

6BR with Varget / 95 grain Berger VLD's at 2825 fps. .005" jam into the lands
Nice shooting! You are very near one of my favorite 308 loads. I settled on 45 grains of Varget. Learned that those bullets are essentially as accurate as the 168 grain match bullets I'd been competing with.

Ah, one of my favorite general purpose hunting bullets from either the 308 or the 30-06!

Ran one into the jugs years ago, 2012 I think. The thread also has 165's recovered from bear and mule deer:

In 2016 those things gave me antelope, mule deer, cow elk and black bear. :)

I think Mark, that you're going to like them. :)

Regards, Guy
I think they redesigned the base quite a bit some time ago on the BT.
Cut open, it looks like the AB, just without bonding. Wall thickness is substantial at the base, so unless the bullet tumbles, it should retain quite a bit of the core.

Ah - just saw in the other thread that someone said almost the same....

If you don't go for fast impact on heavy bone at short distances (with moderate speeds), it should do the trick
Btw: nice group!
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