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Jul 30, 2011
Picked up an old BDL in 30-06 for my son recently. I couldn't pass it up as the price was good and it is in great shape. Came with a Weaver V-9W that is still usable.


He loaded his own for the first time and really enjoyed it. We figured we'd use a tried and true load of IMR-4350 and 165gr BTs. He was pleased with the results. We feel that we can make something work here. We will repeat the last three loads and see if we can get any consistency and then start playing with OAL.
By those results, you do have something to work with. Congratulations on finding a good rifle; and congratulate your son on doing a fine job for the first time.
I then broke out my friend's Model 700 in .270win, a Dick's Sporting Goods special version, that has shot well with everything she's thrown in it. I used RL-19 and IMR-4350 with 130gr BTs.
The RL-19 showed some promise with the classic two in and one out pattern.

The IMR-4350 performed a bit better. I'll definitely follow up with this load. The three holes in the middle of the target were foulers out of her clean barrel using Winchester commercial ammo. I was getting a lot of glare from a strong setting sun and feel that my last group was compromised from that.
I then tried some RL-22 and 180gr BTs in my BDL IN 30-06. This gun is a donor that I just can't get the cash together to convert it. It continues to soldier on and take deer and Blackies for the past 7 or 8 years for various members of my extended family. The results here weren't too promising but it will give me something to bide my idle time this spring.
The relentless pursuit of perfection has kept many of us biding our time for years. You have something to work with in each of those. Right at the moment, results may not be sterling in your estimate, but they are sufficiently gratifying to keep an individual focused.
nvbroncrider":2bzgff3l said:
Shorten them all up and they should be dang good!!

I will probably do just that with the two middle loads in that 270W as it has been very consistent. There's plenty of speed there already and I don't like to push the 130gr BTs too fast anyways.

I know Aaron will want to experiment a bunch with his -06 so I foresee a bunch of load development there.

I'm going to try a few more powders with the 180BTs in my -06 just looking for velocity and consistency and then switch over to 180gr PTs as I want to bring this gun to Colorado this Oct as my backup elk rifle.
Looks like you and your son had a fun day at the range. congrats to Aaron on his first reloads.
That looks like a bunch of fun CC! Your boys new 30-06 looks like a real keeper..

That 270 Winchester looks real close to being done, that is for sure. A little seating depth tweaking and I am pretty sure you'll be in high cotton!

Very nice! Congrats to your boy!
Nice. Kind of a Rem 700 fan myself... Typically they shoot just fine. I think you're on track, and as you stated, the tags keep getting filled!

I have loaded for the 30-06 for about 35 years and the 270 Win for about 25 years and have found that if don't get much better than these two loads for deer size game. They go together like apple pie and ice cream.
30-06 = 150 gr Nosler ballistic tip of Sierra Pro hunter or Game king with 51.2 grs IMR 4064.
270 = 130 Nosler ballistic tip or Sierra 130 with 60 grs H-4831 or the SC version.
Work up to these because they are near max. These loads have shot lights out in about every rifle of these calibers I have ever worked with and that is NUMEROUS.
Lets all face it. If we had to have ONLY one rifle to do everything with in North America it would be a 30-06. I don't have one set up with a scope for hunting these days but do have a number of them in military configuration and still enjoy shooting all of them.
Up next for my -06 with the 180gr BTs is Superperformance and IMR-4350.

Aaron will repeat with IMR-4350 but start at 58.5 this time and increase in .5gr increments to 60.0gr. He'd like to get a good load with this powder first and then start messing with others. Aye, aye sir!

With the .270W, I'll load 54.5, 55.0 and 55.5gr using the same OAL to keep the control. Then I'll take whichever shoots the best and do OAL adjustments in +/- .010" increments out to +/- .030".

1Shot - I agree 100% but...these two cartridges are akin to the missionary position of hunting. Fortunately curiosity forces us to indulge in other flavors.