Vacation Load Development


Mar 23, 2017
I have been on vacation for a month and going back to work tomorrow. I set out to work on as many loads as possible without RL-17 instead N555.
First up Howa 6mm Creed with Krieger HV , 105gr Hybrids have been MIA for quite sometime , so I got some 105 and 115gr Nosler RDFs. I went with the 115s first with N555. This powder was developed for the Creedmoor line of cartridges. One thing I learned is you get a case full with this one. After the smoke cleared with seating depth and charge test , I ended up with the bullet touching the lands and 3007 fps. This is slow for my 28” barrel but it’s what N555 gave me.

Next the 25 Creed Savage Striker and Nosler 115gr BT. Just like the 6mm a little work was involved. N555 gave me 2624 fps also touching the lands.

Up next the 6.5 Creed in a Howa. The previous bullet of choice was 140gr RDFs which last year I couldn’t find so I picked up 500 Barnes 145gr MatchBurners. Last year I couldn’t them to shoot. This rifle has only shot 1000 RDFs over RL-26 prior to the Barnes disaster last summer. So I went to work with N555 with the MBs and came up with 2707 fps and also touching the lands.
What I learned with N555 and Creedmoors is a lot of testing was needed. All 3 loads are *touching the lands* but at least there are repeatable.
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Time well spent!
What load did you use for the 25 Creedmoor and the 115 gr BT's? (and primer?)
I would like to try in my 250 AI (exactly the same case dimensions)
Fireformed 6mm Creedmoor SRP brass from Peterson. Federal GM205MAR primer. 0.002” neck tension and yes Nosler 115gr BT (SPS seconds).