Let's talk freebore... Weatherby and others..

Man, that was the thing to do back when you got a 70 in a 7 Rem and 300 Wins back in the day. We’d put H&H boxes in them, used a RUM or 375 bolt stop and either filed the ejector or replaced them with the like.

Really used to help with being able to stretch out the 7 Rem and especially 300 Wins to work a little closer to the lands.
I have the parts to do mine, its the same one that needs to be bedded first. Its on the "to do" list
It’s a fairly easy job. Just getting the parts sometimes is tough.
Follower was nowhere to be found, until my friend called FN and got a new one. I found an ejector, but those are still hard. You can always file it down.