Lever gun Renaissance


I stripped the old finish on the 411 OM. I applied a couple coats of linseed oil. It’s a little on the light side but it doesn’t look half bad with the curly maple cheek riser

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I have a couple as well, love them

9422 Dad bought me when I was 1 week old, never been fired to this day. It’s over 40 now.

Grandpas 1967 Winchester 94 30-30 Canadian octagon.

Marlin SS 44/45-70 matched pair.

Henry Golden boy 22

I’m planning on a year of hunting with grandpas 30-30 peep sight only just for the fun of it.

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Much better with more appropriate glass. A gloss vxii 2-7


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Nice to see Ruger picked up Marlin from the Remington bankruptcy. I am sure they will do the old brand justice.

Like other posters I love levers. All mine are pre Remlin and shoot great. My XLR in .444 is a 1 MOA rifle and good for over 350 yards. I used it to take a 5x5 Elk on the trot at 250 yards. I too have a special place in my heart for a good lever action whatever the brand.