What's Your "Fun Gun"?


Nov 25, 2013
So what is your old (or new, or new to you), "fun gun"?

As a kid, it was the Winchester Model 69A our grandparents got for us kids when we moved to the farm. Spent hours shooting it, and days in the field chasing ruffies and snowshoe hares. Some of my fondest memories as a kid.

As an adult, it has been my Marlin in 375 Win. It is the rifle that has been in my safe the longest. Has many great memories in the field taking bear, moose and caribou. After the Marlin's stock split and I had it repaired, my newer to me pre-81 BLR in 358 became my go-to rifle and fun gun. It has provided lots of great memories shooting and hunting, taking elk, moose and bear, and backed up DrMike on his first grizzly bear, and as my back up rifle for on the atv, horseback hunting, guiding, and archery hunting. And it was the rifle my daughter took her first big game animal with (mule deer).
Hard to beat a trusty lever action as a "fun gun"!
My fun gun is whichever one I’m shooting at the moment.

With that said I really like my model 58 and 57 for fun a fun handgun. My little single action Ruger 22LR is pretty fun too.

For just grins and giggles I like my lever action 45-70. Something about it brings a big smile and I can pretend I’m in an old western shootout. The tacticool stuff is fun too though. Whether it be the 12 Gauge with extended Mag tube and pistol grip or the Colt 6920 that I cart around.

They’re all fun and if you don’t think they are I’ll be willing to relieve you of the dreadful situation of having to keep an un-fun gun.

I shot bullseye matches for a few years . at that time my fun guns would have been my High Standard victor , and my Dan Wesson 1911 . I no longer shoot bullseye , so these have seen little use lately . now my fun gun is my long range rifle , 338 Lapua . it gets shot just about weekly in fair weather . I recently had it out testing new bullets . it seemed like a long winter , and I'm rusty .

I'd like to get one more fun gun . it will be a big , heavy , long range rifle in a 375 cal . I'm not sure what it will be chambered in yet , nothing has spoken to me . I keep coming back to the cheytac though . I'll probably build on a chassis this time .
All of my guns are fun! But one I can take out and use all day long is my Marlin 39a. 24" barrel, great grandpa's old Weaver K3 (from his 30-06), and a big ol box of .22lr makes it lotsa fun. It's also my squirrel/rabbit gun
All my guns are fun guns. It would really be hard tp pick just one. Probably the best way to put it is, "The one I'm working with."
No love for ARs and AKs. Never had much use for one, much preferring to work with single shots. Shoot cast bullets in a 30-30 lever gun for fun and solace. Loaded up a box of cast bullet ammo with an old Lyman Tong Tool and hiked the desert until my knees gave out. It's kind of like going back to a time when things were slower and simpler.
Paul B.
I have couple you could call “fun gun”. My Savage in 338 Lapua is fun for targets way out there. But the most fun is my 460 WBY. It’s stupid accurate and a BLAST to shoot😁.
Target work when I first installed the Burris FF. Now it only sees duty on pinecones, hedge apples, apples, cans, rocks, etc.

I bought a Ruger American in 223 just to play around with and have fun banging plates. Cheap centerfire entertainment. My CZ455FS has 22lr and 22mag barrels but the 22lr gets the nod most of the time and I really like squirrel hunting with it. Dan.
I bought a Ruger American in 223 just to play around with and have fun banging plates. Cheap centerfire entertainment. My CZ455FS has 22lr and 22mag barrels but the 22lr gets the nod most of the time and I really like squirrel hunting with it. Dan.
I too have a Ruger American in 223, compact version. I love the 8" twist, but the rotary magazine leaves a little to be desired. I have 2 that work pretty well.
I’ve a couple, my ruger #1s I’ve been getting them out more during season and just added another to the list. My 73 Winchester has been keeping me busy at the loading bench, it’s a hoot shooting steel at long range with that. Serious fun, that duty falls to my 06 or my 338 Jarrett.
Simply to be fun, loud, obnoxious , and relatively cheap to shoot is my daughters AR-9. I keep a healthy stash of cheap 147 grain JHP 9mm just for that purpose.
Gil, the rifle I enjoy is the 275 H & H. I only use it for sheep and goats, so knowing that we are headed south a bit into God's country is also a plus. I also enjoy playing with my grandfathers collection of 99's .I know most people like the 250 and it is a sweet caliber, but I enjoy the 22 Savage. The 358 doesn't get much use as it doesn't move me away from the 348 enough to say I enjoy it and the 300 gets no love at all. ;)
The fun stopped when my wife found the last Powder Valley receipt🙁.
Nah is’t still fun , just hard on the wallet now days
That is very true. In my case, everything cost 2x regardless of the price. My wife loves shooting and hunting. She has a growing collection of guns and enjoys shooting all of them. And then there is the taxidermy tab...
But I'm not complaining!!!