Load data.... Nosler gets a star!!!


Dec 24, 2011
There is load data out there for pretty much anything in any kind of bullet, powder, primer combo for pretty much any caliber.

The Nosler info ( using Nosler bullets of course ) but nonetheless I've found to be the closest printed data to my personal findings of all printed data. IMR/WIN/HOD, Sierra, Horn, etc..etc

Example...my latest experiment with a 300 wsm was with Reloader 17.
According to Nosler data they got 3092 fps with 64.0 grains. and 2898 with 60.0 grains.
That is an average of 48.5 fps per grain.
My testing with 63.0 grains showed an average of 3038-3,040 fps. A few 3,045fps, a few 3,034 fps...somewhere in there.
Chrono was about 15 feet in front of the muzzle.
Model 70 Extreme Weather
24 inch bbl, gold medal 215 primer, nickel brass with who knows how many times trimmed (still going strong) 180 grain Ballistic Silver Tip
Temperature was in the low 70's and just a perfect day. Barometer wasn't obnoxious in either direction and the wind was non existent.

Taking the average of 48.5 fps per grain they were showing that would mean a 63 grain would be 3,043.5 fps according to Nosler. As you can see that is ridiculously right where I am in the real world.

Now that is some damn spot on load data!!! Kudos to Nosler.


Back in the day when Reloader 17 was brand new the only data was one damn source was Alliant.
They were using a speer 180 grain BTSP. It called for 66 grains. at 3,084

I called Alliant and asked the powder geek about using what grain for a 180 grain ballistic tip. He said obviously start a little lower but didn't see a problem running up to 66 grains with that bullet as well just like they did with the speer.

I must tell you this...It was significantly hotter than the 63.0 grains I'm using at present. I didn't get to chrono that day but just the feel of it had a significant difference to the 63 grains running at 3,040 I had gotten.

If that average would hold true then it's very possible that 66 grains was pushing the 180 gr ballistic tip nearly 3,200 fps.
I have no idea what the actual pressure was that day but there were zero signs of any pressure issues. (Doesn't mean the pressure wasn't getting in the no - go area)

Anyways...just thought I'd pass along how well Nosler does with their data. I've seen examples like this with many other calibers in many other platforms and their data is really close. Damn close. It's better than excellent.

Have a great day out there and be safe
Nosler reloading data is on the conservative side. I have found over the years that when I need to start load development, I go with the most accurate powder and charge weight (working up). I know I will have a decent load right off the bat. I'm looking forward to getting my copy of the new Nosler RG #9. I'm particularly interested in the 30 Nosler.

Nosler has been very good for me over the years, as has Sierra for just finding a good shooting load.

30 Nosler huh Jim.... that bugs nibbling at you some huh? :mrgreen: