Great Birthday at the Range


Apr 7, 2019
I’m not fishing for d-day wishes, but I did use it to get out of taking my cell phone to the range and go dark for the afternoon while shooting. No pics of fired groups, just a bunch of people wondering what took so long to respond…….lol.
Outstanding range day despite the fact that I didn’t have my preferred rest at the bench. Ran through 5 loads I have been wanting to verify. The all 5 loads left me grinning from ear to ear. That doesn’t happen often.

First, 24” Bbl, 270 Win, 57.1 grains Staball 6.5, HBN coated 130 grain Partitions, zipping along at an Avg of 3130 fps into .78” groups. A Partition under an inch, no pressure signs, this load is finished.

Second was the same 24” barreled 270 Win loaded with HBN coated 145 grain ELD-X’s over 56.4 grains IMR4831. Velocity averaged 3062 fps with a SD of 13, and no pressure indicators. They went into 1” groups every time. I‘m pretty certain I can tighten this load up with seating depth as it’s only .010” from the lands.

Next was 7mm Remington Magnum Loads. First load was a HBN coated 140 grain E-Tip loaded over 67.4 grains RL-23 with nice pretty primers after firing. Average velocity was 3243 fps from a 26” bbl, going into .71-1.0” groups. OAL was straight from the Nosler manual at 3.260”. I like this load and may be able to tighten it up a little with seating depth as well, but if not, I’m ok with that. I really like this load.

Same 26” Bbl, 180 grain HBN coated Berger Hybrid Target over 81 grains US869. 1” groups, average velocity of 2833 fps with a SD of 14. Went into .5-1.0” groups. A little slow but it may have potential. I can still fit 1.2 grains into the case at the crrent OAL, and will work on seating depth to single feed for target work. .5-1” is more than acceptable for hunting with an OAL at 3.360”.

Last was a mean little deer load for a 24” Bbl 7RM. This one seems to put everything I’ve fed it into 3/4” or better. I guarantee that if I miss with this one, it’s my fault. Once again, a HBN coated 139 grain SST, over IMR4831. There are are no pressure indications and primers look good, but it’s a little over max so I won’t give charge weight. I worked up carefully. The bullets are coated with HBN so that lowers pressure somewhat as well. It gets an average of 3146 fps, 3.290” OAL, and printed a perfect .5” equilateral triangle in 4 groups back to back.

A perfect day at the range, no cell phone……hell I dint even wear my watch. Then upon return, I walked in the front door, and there was this little 6 year old curly haired blonde running up with the little chocolate birthday cake she had my wife help her make especially for Papaw. Life just doesn’t get much better than it was today. I thank God for the blessings in my life every day, and I’m thankful for my friends here as well.
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Many thanks to all of you for the well wishes. I think I’ll tweak the seating depth on the loads for the 145gr ELD-X in the 270, and the 140gr E-Tip load in the 7mm RM. See if I can tighten them up a little. From what I’ve heard both bullets seem to like a bit more of a run at the rifling.
The 180gr Berger with US869 is SLLOOOOOWWW. I think I saw powder burning on the base of the bullet all the way to the target. Lol. I’m not real concerned about pressure with that powder. I may be able to get it to 2900 fps. It looks like it will be limited by case capacity. Respectable for a 180‘s sectional density if it will group a little better. If not I’ll try RL-25 or 26, maybe IMR7828 SSC
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