Looking for info on two different action's mag length.


Sep 21, 2012
In online searches I am getting differing lengths quote for these two actions as to what maximum O.A.L the box magazines will allow, and will feed properly.
While I RARELY use the magazine for anything other than "emergency back up" rounds, it is good information to have before purchasing something for a project.

One is the Weatherby Vanguard / 1500 in a long action
the second is the old Sako L61R.

*EDIT* Also the Zastava M70 I keep forgetting that one. ANY info, pro or con on those is also of interest. They are out of range for anything I could find locally.

Anyone who loads or has loaded for either and can tell me the maximum C.O.A.L. they will accommodate will be appreciated.

I apologize for the questions as of late. I get frustrated when the "all knowing" web cannot provide me with answers. Me thinks, perhaps, it's my poor search efforts but I've been quite successful for years doing the same.......hence the frustration.

For those wondering........its for a wildcat round where the length of the throat is up for grabs and does not limit the COAL until I set it. Having the magazine max COAL is a huge help and a rifle has not yet been chosen.

God Bless and thanks again for any who may have info to share.
Weatherby long actions in 300 Wby will take 3.6”. I don’t have much experience beyond that.
The Zastava Mauser copies come in standard length (‘06) and magnum length (H&H). The former has the ejection port milled rearward from the factory. There is a fella on gunbroker who often times has actions for sale. They used to be cheap. Not anymore. I have one that’s a lefty. It was a little rough at first, but it is slicking up with use. The critical dimensions are excellent as is the finish. Bottom metal and mag box are thick steel. Heavy. They come with the “stalking” safety but can be converted to a Winchester style. The trigger is adjustable similar to a Timney and is perfectly acceptable for a sporting rifle. Lots of slack bolt to raceway, I suspect you could fill it with sand and it would still function. Mine is quite accurate in 35 Whelen.