Lyman 1886 tang sight.

35 Whelen

Dec 22, 2011
IMG_20230205_085259~2.jpgFor anyone interested, the price for a real Lyman tang sight to fit either a Winchester 1886 or Marlin 1895, has gone out into the ozone! Prices start at $500 and quickly escalate to over $1000 for minty ones. These so called 'long stem' rare sights, were out of reach to the layman until Lyman (and Marbles) decided to reintroduce these a few years ago. So I thought a few, may be interested in a review of the new model ??
Let me say it is NOT exactly the same, so if your a purest stop reading, and go spend the grand, to get an original one! If you have an old 86/95 and always wanted a long stem, read on:IMG_20230205_091350~2.jpg
These are 97% the same sight! Work flawless, and will allow you to shoot your big bore for about $100. The stem checkering isn't pointed up quite as well as the 100 year old ones, However they now feature a stem lock the originals didn't! If you try one I think you will be pleased!IMG_20230205_085307~2.jpg
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