Lyman case trim express


Dec 26, 2016
I’ve been using the Sinclair trimmer which was a big upgrade over my prior hand me down. It was precise, but slow boardering on tedious, plus when I added a new family of cartridges I’d plunk down another 10-15 $ for the check holder.

I lost it in the flood. And most of my shell holders rusted badly.

So time to replace it.

I found a Lyman Case Trim express online for $76. It includes 10 bushings


It’s electric and the bushings are spring loaded.

I’ve trimmed about 2000 cases so far. Cases trimmed are: 243win, 308win, 3030win, 30.06, and 300WSM.

Process was easy.

The trim is set up off the shoulder.
Consistent full length sizing is required.
Many of the calibers I did were mixed head stamps. Mostly no issue. I’ll come back to 3030.

I could easily do 8-10 cases a minute! They advertise some do 14 cases in a minute. I think it’s possible.

I was stunned at how consistent the cases came out. I measured pretty much all of the first 1000.

On to 3030. I noticed all my star line brass trimmed perfectly and not so on my R&P brass. All the R&P was recycled Corelokt brass used in multiple 3030. I think I have to own the discrepancy. I did not cam over the FL sizer as much as I had on the other calibers. My 3030 dies took a beating in the flood and I had trouble sizing anything. I think there was corrosion some where I the die. So I ordered a new set, used the new set, but still was having doubts from the rough start with the old dies.

So far. I’m extremely impressed.
Next cartridges to trims include 300WM, 223Rem, 22-250 Rem.

I do not think I can do straight wall cartridges on this, so 45/70GOVT will have to wait.

The last picture has the power unit on the right, then the spring, a #9 bushing for 7mmRem, 257Roberts, and a couple Mainers and finally on the left is the lock ring.

You insert the case, press it in until the spring bottoms out and voila you have a nicely trimmed case.

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I am pleased to see the advances incorporated into this system. If I was still doing a lot of commercial work, I would sure be tempted to buy that item.
Look on YouTube, I think there was a guy who was selling an adapter to do straight wall cases. It may have been for the Frankford Arsenal trimmer, tho. I can't remember.