M70 264 WM FWT Maple stock


Dec 24, 2006
I have been looking for one of these dark maple stocked SHOT rifles for awhile. I know some folks wanna gag over maple, but for some reason, the dark maple and SS just looks great.

Anyhow, I wanted a 270, but I found a decent deal on the 264, so I nabbed it.

I pulled the mounts on it and put a set of Leupold Backcountry 30mm on it with a Trijicon 2.5x15 Credo. It does have a bit of weight to it, but it should be nice to look at during the slow times in the woods :p
Okay, I'm officially jealous! Love the maple, and I have never had one in my arsenal. Gorgeous! (y)
YUP! I wouldnt have picked that out as Maple due to the dark color. Im guesing thats a stain? I do like the "Blonde" looking Maple a little better, but that is a really pretty rifle. My 250 sav. was in the white with a walnut stock years ago. I had it blued because I'd never heard of Cerakote at the time. Maybe didnt exist yet. It was a long time ago. Anyway, like your rifle! CL
Good looking rifle and love the dark curly maple stock. It really is set off with the stainless. Personally, I like the dark over the light maple. Hope it shoots as good as it looks. Dan.
Nothing wrong with it! From production rifles I haven't seen that color before. Looks good and in 264wm to boot!
I have some 120 ET's, BT, Barnes 120 TTSX and 140 Speer Deep Impacts to try. I wouldn't mind putting together a few loads to see if I can get something decent to fall out of it for hunting season.
That's a pretty good selection of bullets to try. I'm certain you will come up with a good load in short order.