multiple .264Cal


Nov 28, 2018
Really depends on the type of game, max distance, and type of bullet you want to use.
The other participants have made great comments.
I still have about 50 of these 143s loaded up, so kinda just wanting to come up with a lighter and the talk about mono had me leaning that way.


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Heavy Barrel

Apr 3, 2015
I have some 130 gr AB's to try in my 6.5 CM.
Can't go wrong with that combination over some RL15 and Fed 210 primers...that's if you can find it. I wasn't even trying and was able to produce the four-shot group that I have in my avatar from a Savage 110 Storm.


Nov 4, 2004
I would shoot what shoots best. If the ranges are kept reasonable the difference in bullet weight won't matter. I have tons of 6.5's too., 2) 6.5x47's, 2) 6.5CM's, a 6.5saum, a 6.5x68 Imp, and 3) 6.5-300wm's. I'm about to build some 6.5PRC's for my kids too.


Jan 14, 2008
We have a few 6.5s in the house. 6.5x284 in a Savage 116 SS and in a Christensen Ridgeline (my goto gun). 2 Creeds one in a 700 CDL SS and another Ridgeline. I have a 1960's vintage 700 in 264 Win Mag.
My Ridge line is loaded with 140 AB or PT. My Creed is a paper puncher with RDF. My wife Creed is factory Precision ELD X.
My son has Sav Precision in a Creed.
We have been using 6.5s in the family since 1969. I bought my first in 1984. A 6.5 has been used by at least one of use if not all of us every year since my dads purchase in 1969.


Feb 13, 2016
I have two 6.5 x 284, one on a short action single feed Rem 700 / BR stock and other one on a long action / A5 stock from GA Precision, and a 6.5 Creedmoor / A5 stock also from GA, only thing I'm missing is a fast 6.5 like those 6.5 PRC or 264 Win Mag, 6.5 SAUM.
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Aug 26, 2022
Just thinking to myself waiting for a meeting to start.
My 264cal rifle collection has expanded from just 260 Rem's to include a 6.5-300Wby and soon to be 264 Win Mag.
I was loading my 260 typically with 140 and 143gr bullets and I am wondering if I should drop down to the 120-130 range and leave the heavies for the Mags. Off the top of my head, the range of 6.5 bullets I have goes from121 to 156. :unsure: maybe the 121 E-tips or 125 Partitions deserve a look
I currently have Ruger 77 compact in 260 Rem. that I have used to harvest a 9 3/4 inch mountain goat and a 6-point bull elk. I used a 120 grain Barnes X bullet on the goat, but then I switched to the 125 gr. Nosler Partitions, which I consider the absolutely perfect bullet for big game in the small to medium 6.5s. Since switching, the 125 partitions have harvested three cow elk in three years in the 6.5 Creedmoor. If you are going to use a marginal caliber for elk, the Nosler partitions are required, along with careful stalking skills and shot placement for a clean kill. My favorite elk caliber is the .338 Win. Mag, and I have used calibers up to the .458 Win. Mag. with 400 grain Barnes original spitzers, so I am not somebody trying to pull a stunt with a barely adequate caliber. The trouble is that you don't always have the perfect rifle in your hands when the action starts. The ranch where I have hunted for the last 45 years for antelope is also well populated with elk, and an open sagebrush country hunt can suddenly involve elk.
Now, when it comes to the bigger 6.5s, I have a 1959 Model 70 Westerner with the original 26 inch stainless barrel. That gun demands the 140 grain wight, again with the Nosler Partition. With my top loads of 7828, I chronograph 3,205 fps, and that gun gives you a lot of confidence when your quarry is on the far side of the canyon!


Aug 26, 2022
Welcome aboard Hoppy and that P64 264 Win is a cool danged rifle!
I can tell you are somebody who appreciates the pre-64 Model 70. This is the fourth one I've had over the many years, and this one hasn't been fired more than 50 shots. Strictly a hunting gun, I have established its fine accuracy with tried and true .264 loads and checked the zero every year, but I haven't used it for chucks or prairie dogs (like I did some of my earlier .264s). I am not trying to overstate the barrel life, but most of these guns I have been offered over the years have had noticeable throat erosion. I am just afraid I won't run onto another one with a perfect bore. This one sat in my brother's closet for nearly 40 years (never fired) until I finally talked him out of it.