My .54 flint


Mar 14, 2014
I built this one 20 or so years ago as I had a hanker'in to hunt elk with a good flintlock. Couldn't draw a tag so that never happened. She is named after a german shephard we had "Samantha", who would lay under my feet and get covered with maple shavings while I was building her. She was a good dog. And the rifle has been a companion on many deer hunts over the years.
Real plain rifle but it shoots so accurate I couldn't sell it for funds to build another. Top quality components, Siler LH lock, .54 Colrane swamped barrel, single trigger tuned to 2# pound pull.
I made the powder horn in 1976. I went down to the local slaughter house and they sawed off a horn for me. It used to have a matching walnut plug but it got ripped off in the brush years ago. It is the only powder horn I've ever owned. It can't compare to the beauty of a fine horn but I made it and it works for me. Not to say I haven't coveted a few horns over the years but I resisted the urge.
This past season I came home and decided to shoot it as it had been a couple of years. 2 shots offhand at about 40 yards. The sights were filed for 100 yards when it was built but it was shooting a little left, promptly corrected. 80 grains Goex 3fg, pillow ticking patch, crisco.
I had my camera so I propped it up took a photo. Not a good one though.
When I get back on my feet I plan burning a lot of black powder with both rifles. I used to shoot an awful lot but life got busy and I slacked off, now I'm ready to get back to it.


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