My New 20-49 yr old .270! OR How I Got a Great Deal..


Aug 19, 2012
I was cruising Gunbroker, always looking for a deal or a donor rifle,etc. I saw this Mark X "Cavalier" in .270Win. This was the model that was very nicely made, assembled in Manchester England. what caught my eye is, at first, I thought it was a custom stock as it has an open wrist and slimmer stock. It also had a 24" barrel which is what I wanted in a .270, having sold a wonderful Mod 700 Classic, 22".

The rifle arrived fine and while it had some handling dings, dents in the stock, the metal was perfect, beautiful blue. Took it to my smith to have Pillar Bedded/floated, trigger adjusted, and hex head screws to replace the factory receiver screws. Upon inspection, we discovered "this rifle had never been fired". No sign it had even had a proof load through it, though it did. The bore is immaculate, the bluing is still on the feed ramp, no skid marks on the follower. Disassembled the bolt, firing pin still had oil on it that was turning hard! Bolt face was clean as the new metal it is! Wow!

What was a "deal" is it started at $400...and no one else Bid! I won! Here is the GB pic.


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Some more pics


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Excellent grab. Congratulations. Some lovely wood on that piece.
Hope it shoots true and helps much game meet it’s demise!

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Surprised me too Guy, ha! I figured, hey, I get outbid, no big deal. Booyah! I feel really excited about it being unfired! I have owned a few MarK X through the years, the 458 Alaskan, 3 Whitworth Express (2 375 H&H and 1 458) and a custom 257 WBY with a Mark X action. plus 2 "low quality" Mark X 30-06 that were really rode hard and put up wet, ha.
Back in the early 70's, one Saturday on Texas Nat'l Guard Drill Wknd...I stop at the "Texas Gunman", there in Beaumont, close to the Armory. They had a Mark X Cavalier, but it was a full stock Mannlicher carbine. It was in 7x57...and I was poor as dirt raising a young family, ha. No, it did not come home with me...
Wow that is some stunning wood and lines, I really like it a lot. Congrats on a sweet find! Every once in awhile I get a good deal on there, but not too often.

I have yet to begin to procrastinate
12 people including myself just went to see if there were anymore, see what social media does to us!!! Hahaha

I have yet to begin to procrastinate
Reason I said 20-49yr old rifle is "I'm not sure just when this rifle was made"! All I've been able to find is they were made up until 98-99. I can check the number on the receiver and its the last 2 digits that are the year of manufacture. will have to wait until I get it back from the smith. He thinks he can get that adjustable trigger down to 2 1/4 or so! I'm giddy! ha
It has that hairline crack in the cheek piece, but there is nothing one can really do, and its not necessary as its not hurting anything. The wodd is very dense, yet the rifle is so slim/trim it handles like a good Sporter.
Every one I have seen was date stamped, on action behind bolt. Sometimes it is not visible unless you take the stock off.
I missed the Auction on ebay for a beater Butler Creek Mauser stock. Not going to sweat it. If I later on decide to lighten it up, I will go with the McMillan Edge. So far, I like how it feels in my hands, so will treat well for mild wet weather. Nasty stuff....Mesa! :)