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Nov 1, 2010
Despite being a 1911 and revolver guy, I now own a Glock.

I decided I wanted to get a 10mm handgun for some AK hunts I have coming up. Not because I probably need it when I'll have a 300 win mag, but because I want it. There are scenarios where I see it being nice to leave the rifle at camp too. 3 of us are hunting and if I tag out or am packing meat I might prefer to just have the handgun. Also using trekking poles to cross tundra I might want to have my rifle attached to my pack and not real handy. Fishing is another spot I might not have the rifle real handy.

My old Redhawk 44 was a nice gun, but really heavy and so large framed it's a bit tough for me to cock as I draw it. I decided my S&W 386 XL Hunter in 357 was better for me to pack than the 44 because I shot it better. I love that gun. It's now discontinued and would be hard to replace so I'm trying to leave it in the safe a bit more often.

I figured if I was going to go with something else I'd get a lighter weight 10mm with a rail and that I could get night sights for. I considered a S&W 329 or 69 in 44, but a light 44 sounded like a kicking sucker to me with the loads I'd want to use. After deciding to go 10mm I initially wanted to go 1911, but the ones with the features I liked are among the heaviest ones. Also field stripping a 1911 I get full of crud hunting in a swamp or fishing on a sandy river is a bit more of a process than taking a Glock or similar gun apart. The Sig 220 SA I considered is also a pretty heavy and pricey option.

All that lead me to grudgingly look at striker fired semi autos. Honestly I might have been better off with the Springfield, but I went with the Glock. I say that because I'm changing out the barrel on the Glock for hardcast ammo. I ordered a KKM 6" barrel for the G20.

I have about 50 rounds through the factory Glock so far, I've only owned it a few days. I'm pretty impresed. I don't love the trigger and at first I pointed it high, but that's going away as I shoot it more. The trigger is not like my worked over revolver or 1911's, but it doesn't seem to affect my accuracy much. Out to 35 yards whatever I shoot at (mostly a 5" rolling target or gatorade bottles so far) seems to get hit. My first shot blew up a 12oz can at 25 yards. The factory sights are hitting perfect with the 180gr Fiocchi loads I got with it. I have no real complaints about the gun and am really enjoying shooting it.

I put my Streamlight TLR-1 on it and it fits and functions well. I like it well enought that when I ordered Razco holsters I got them to fit the light. I got a plain chest holster, and the one that works with my FHF bino harness. Since I was getting holsters longer to accomodate the light I ordered the 6" KKM barrel when I ordered. A set of XS F8 night sights complete the mods I'm doing to the Glock.

One thing about buying a Glock, it's kinda like a Remington 700 or AR. Anything they make for a handgun they make for a Glock.

It really seems like it's pretty perfect for what I got it for (or will be). It's reasonably light compared to other options, reasonably priced, and has the features I want. A S&W 69 was the next cheapest option I looked at and once I'd add sights and a trigger job to that it would be more than the Glock with the sights and barrel.

Anyway, just figured I'd share this for anyone thinking of getting one.
I've spent some quality time with an earlier 10mm Glock.

It was a formidable handgun!

I think you've made a wise choice.

One thing I learned while serving as the police department armorer for 17 years... I really didn't see a need to modify the Glock. It's a serious firearm just the way Glock builds it.

Regards, Guy
I would agree. Nothing wrong with a Glock out of the box for most needs.

There seems to be a lot of questions about using hot HC lead loads in a Glock barrel. The polygonal rifle and overbore apparently build up lead fast according to a lot of people. I decided the barrel with the little extra length for speed was a good addition/insurance against problems.

The factory barrel is shooting as well as I can shoot a striker fired gun. It's certainly not accuracy that's making me switch.
Couple posts from another forum explaining what I found when trying to get to the bottom of the Glock/hardcast mystery. I never did get to the bottom of it, just decided to get the barrel and be safe.

Got my Gen 4 G20 picked up and shot for the first time tonight. I bought 200 rounds of Fiocchi 180gr JHP ammo rated at 1250fps, and the only 20rd box I found of Underwood 200gr 200gr Hi-Tek coated hard cast FN rated at 1250fps.

I still prefer the trigger pull of a cocked revolver or hammer fired pistol to the striker fired trigger pull, but it doesn't seem to be hurting my accuracy at the ranges I'd likely use the pistol. It's easier for me to get first round hits with the Glock than with a revolver double action (even one with the trigger stoned), or with one of my Ruger P series or Sig 226 handguns fired double action on the first shot. The Gen 4 with no backstrap fits my hand ok. It is about as large as I'd want it, but I feel like I get a good grip with it. Quickly drawing and lining up on targets with the gun empty (and therefore really light) I noticed I tend to naturally point it just a shade high. It's not very bad and probably something that will improve with practice. I had no malfunctions of any kind with the few shots I got fired.

I shot the Fiocchi ammo first after disassembling the gun and cleaning the barrel like the book said. I put an old beer from last summer I found under the seat of the catfishing boat out at 20 yards and the first shot I blew up the can. Good start! I then got a polymer rolling ball target out and started shooting at 15 yards, rolled it out to 35 without letting it stop much. I did notice at longer ranges I had to hold a bit low. It was worse when shooting fast and may have been me getting used to the trigger as much as anything. Shooting slower I did not have much problem. The recoil was noticeable, but not bad to me. I'd say it's comparable to my Ruger P97 45 shooting the 230gr +P Hornady ammo it likes. I shot 30 of those Fiocchi loads at the target and hit very well inside 35 yards. Past that I was getting misses more often it seemed like. The target got stuck a little too and wasn't rolling, so some of the misses might have been hits. When I missed I seemed to be going right over the target. I got 30 shot before stopping to get the gates while Dad move the tractor and field cultivator through a group of heifers.

Before quitting I also shot a couple of the Underwood loads to see if the recoil was worse. It was not a lot different. Both were hits at 15 and 19 yards (after the ball rolled). The cases looked fine, but it's a tiny sample size.

I looked through the owners manual and unless I missed it there is nothing about lead bullets in there. It is mentioned on Glock's website under the FAQ section as follows:

Can I use lead bullets?

No, we recommend the use of jacketed ammunition only.

Also When looking for Glock 20 Gen 4 reviews I saw this one from American Rifleman that has the following paragraph in it:

Glock Gen4 G20 10 mm Pistol
The Gen4 G20 provides the stopping power of a Magnum revolver in a high-capacity semi-auto.

"Accuracy testing was conducted from a bench rest using five, five-shot groups fired into targets set at 25 yards. Some readers will be quick to notice one of the rounds used for formal accuracy testing was loaded with hard-cast, gas-checked lead bullets. Glock warns against the use of soft-lead bullets in its factory barrels. This is because soft-lead bullets have been known to foul the rifling, which could in turn increase the pressures inside the barrel to an unsafe level. However, true hard-cast bullets, when properly lubricated, will not cause the problems of soft-lead bullets. That's why ammunition companies like Buffalo Bore, DoubleTap and Underwood Ammo provide hard-cast hunting rounds for use in polygonal rifling pistols like the Glock."

No idea where they got their information or if it's accurate. I'm just sharing what I found. This is my first Glock and I've only owned it for a few hours and shot 32 rounds through it. I am absolutely not a Glock expert.

Anyway, I'm not looking to stir any controversy or anything. I just wanted to share what I found when trying to do my homework and my initial impression of the G20. I like it!

Last in my little initial review the G20 with 15 rounds of the 180gr JHP ammo weighs 40.4oz according to my postage scale. The loaded magazine was 12.2oz of that.

Anyway, that's what I learned in my first night with the Glock, and while waiting for it to arrive.
I have decided to order a KKM barrel for mine. I have a hard time changing anything, the darn thing is shooting so good with the 180gr loads I'm practicing with. I haven't put it on paper yet but my polymer targets and Gatorade bottles are sure getting nailed inside 35 yards. Past that I'm better with my revolver or 1911. The triggers and my familiarity with them have more to do with that than intrinsic accuracy of each I'm sure. I didn't buy the Glock for use outside 35 yards though, I am fine with what it's doing accuracy wise.

Read some more on the Glock/lead controversy. Here is a link to a thread I started on another forum that makes as much sense to me as anything I've read so far.

Glock 20 factory barrel and Underwood 200gr Hi Tek coated FN? - Factory 10mm ammo -
Glock 20 factory barrel and Underwood 200gr Hi Tek coated FN? - Factory 10mm ammo -

Anyway I'm keeping the factory barrel. The way it shoots the 180gr HP ammo it is plenty for carrying around home if I choose to use it. I'm going to get a 6" KKM barrel since I now plan to have the light on the Glock a lot. The light sticks out past the factory barrel about 1.5" so this will put the barrel and light at a similar length. I emailed Razco and they are changing my order for me to fit this change.

I'm going to end up with quite a bit more than initially planned invested in my Glock. It's still cheaper than or equal to some of the 1911's or the 44 I was looking at. It's still lighter than any of the other options I was considering and the recoil is not bad at all to me. I enjoy shooting it more than the 44's I've shot in the past that weighted much more. I am happy with my choice and look forward to trying some different loads in the new barrel when it arrives. Until then I'm going to keep shooting the 180's from the factory barrel and getting more familiar with my new Glock. I need to order some more, at this rate the 200 I bought won't last long.

Thanks to everyone who has replied.
I know this is an older thread but aligns with my topic. As in previous post I have a G40 with Optics and KKM barrel. I picked up a G34 and tried to get is as close as I can for practice for the G40. That works well.
I now have a G20 for woods carry instead of the G34 with the optic. I wanted a 10 - naked.

I'm mulling over to KKM a barrel or not. It's just for woods carry. Other pistols for hunting and practice. I know it's just $150 give or take.
I think you made a good choice with the Block 10mm.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not much of a Glock fan. I see them as the AK 47 of the handgun world. With that said they do the job they were intended for and do it quite well. Lots of folks in Alaska favor the Glock 10mm.

I fully understand the 44 being too much of a handful. That’s why my carry gun is a 4” Model 58 revolver from Smith & Wesson. The model 57 and 58 are .41 Magnum. Lots of reasonable power without the recoil of the 44/100” blaster.

I’m a revolver and single action bottom feeder guy myself. I wouldn’t turn down a 10mm from that Gaston guy though.

Another Folk from Alaska with a G20 Gen 4
My 3rd G20 since introduced……sold all my big bore revolvers years ago . KKM barrel and 22 pound spring and heavy hand loads .
10.0 of Blue Dot and 220gr Straight Shooter Hard Cast Hi Tek 22 BHN great bullet for Alaska for G20 with Large Pistol Mag primer.


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Great Choice especially for a trail pistol !
Suggest some modifications for heavy Underwood factory loads ! What a great pistol. 30 years with G20.
I’m using a 20# recoil spring with Buffalo Bore hardcast loads. Seems to work really well. I too have the 6” KKM Barrel and a TLR1 with XS Big Dot suppressor sights and a Vortex Defender red dot 🔴 optic.

I think you made a great choice but I’d also encourage you to put some skateboard tape grips on the Glock. They tend to get slick when it’s wet out.

22# Spring is the right way to go for heavy loads in the Glock 40\20 ?
That’s what I put on my G20 the Titanium Pure and 22 pound spring from Glock Store added a little weight up front. Great Trail pistol the Glock 20/40. I still have my Ruger Redhawk 4”. Depending what side of the bed I get out on depends which I take on the trail . Both excellent sidearms for Alaska. I had the Glock Store mill the top for Leupold Delta Pro my old eyes need help shooting a Fur Ball !
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