New optic for me!!


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Oct 30, 2004
Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x42mm

illuminated MOAR Reticle - .250 MOA Adjustments - ZeroStop - Hi Speed - 30mm Tube - Side Focus - Digital Illumination - Matte Black
Included with the scope are all of the original accessories and packaging, as well as a set of flip up lens caps. The scope has the following features: illuminated MOAR reticle, .250 MOA Hi Speed adjustments, ZeroStop, 30mm tube, side focus, and matte black finish. Made in the USA.

The 2.5-10x42 is Nightforce's newest addition to their acclaimed NXS series and is quickly earning a reputation as one of the best all purpose rifle scopes on the market. It offers dozens of features that no similar scope can match and is incredibly well designed. The 2.5-10x magnification range makes it suitable for use at any practical distance, while the 42mm objective significantly boosts low light performance over the 32mm model without being overly bulky. Because it is very compact and lightweight, while still offering full tactical features, it would make for an excellent addition to both tactical and hunting rigs. The MOAR reticle offers ranging capability along with easy to use holdover points. ZeroStop allows the user to quickly return to their original POI, and hi-speed adjustments make the dialing process even faster. The new Digillum illumination built into the side focus is definitely the biggest improvement. No more hassle with internal brightness setting adjustments as in the other NXS models. Basically the new 2.5-10x42 compact NXS is a solid down-to-earth tactical scope; easy to use, precise, and completely dependable.

Anyone looking at this listing probably knows what these scopes are all about. If not, all you need to know is that the Nightforce NXS is one of the best tactical scopes for the money spent. With superb optical quality, excellent mechanics, 100% repeatability, and outstanding durability, this scope will be a great addition to any rifle.


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Got a shooting buddy that swears by Nightforce and I swear by Zeiss. Can't go wrong with either I think.

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Very cool Fotis. I am interested in that specific model as well. It seems that getting a scope that'll track reliably everytime is tough if you want a variable. I'm all ears on your results, especially if you turn the dial and report reliability..

I'd also be interested in how you think the glass looks as well. Supposed to be pretty good compared to the older NF's.

Can't wait to see what it does.
I've thought about that scope as well Fotis. It looks to be very good. Sure interested in knowing what you think after shooting with it??? :grin:

Congratulations on the Nightforce. That is a really nice scope.
The turret system is very robust and I think it will withstand the beating it will take from the 378 Wby.
Looking forward to your results.

Fotis congratulations on the new Nightforce :) they are top quality!! My God son swears by them he is just ordered a new one as well! He advised me that they are indestructible :mrgreen:!
I am looking forward to a full report on it was you have had some range time with it.

Shot a rifle topped with a very nice Nightforce (5.5-22X56 NXS) scope today. It was precisely as I remembered--very nice.
This is the second one I have the other is a 8-32×56 NXS™ RIFLESCOPE on my 375 VM2
How's the glass on the scope Fotis bought compared to the old NFs? I wasn't real impressed with the older ones. Do the newer ones compete with the VX3, VX6?
Scott it should be here monday to Wed. I will advise
That is "the hunting scope" of any manufacture on the market today that dials and is light enough weight to mount on any hunting gun for the money.

Great purchase FOTIS, if I didn't already have my USO 1.8-10x37 T-Pal EREK, which I love better then any of my 10x scopes, that would be on my 280 AI Jarrett.
Very nice never have heard a complaint about NF. I am seriously considering the 2.5-10 NXS or the 5.5-22x50 for my RUM