New Tikka 6.5x55


Nov 5, 2015
Bought this Tikka T3x Hunter Stainless Fluted 6.5x55 couple weeks ago. Had checked with a gun shop I deal with if any were available back in March and there wasn't. They said they would let me know when they were. Got a call 3 weeks ago it was available if I still wanted one. Truthfully I had forgotten about it. So here it is. Threw together something to get on paper that grouped about 1.200 then pulled 5 loads for my Winchester Mod 70 Fwt that grouped about 1in. Then tried some loaded just for it. I think it will do everything I need in a deer rifle. Dan.20230626_120046.jpg20230630_134548.jpg20230630_134606.jpg
I have two Tikkas in 6.5x55, one like yours and the other is a stainless synthetic. I think you are gonna love it! Light recoil, better than adequate accuracy, and plenty of energy for deer sized game. I like 120BTs for deer in mine.

I shot a Swede many years ago and was impressed with it. I wanted a M700 Classic in 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser and knew it would make for a slick rig for big swamp bucks. The 120 BT, 125 PT and 130 AB all fall right into the sweet spot.

That walnut and stainless rifle sure is attractive. Accuracy looks good so far. My wife's T3 Lite 6.5x55 shoots almost any bullet into moa or less, I'm saving all our H 4350 for her gun to keep things simple but have had great results with other powders too. . Currently sighted in with the 120 gr Ballistic Tip and ready for deer.
I like the Nosler 120 BT and Sierra 120 in my mod 70 fwt but only have a few left and have been saving them for it. Might have to dip into the limited supply to see how they work in this Tikka. Hope some of those 120 BT show up soon. Dan.
Nice rifle Dan. I am a Swede fan and would like to add one of those Tikkas to the stable. Glad to hear they’re available again. Thanks for taking us along on your load development. Well done.
Nice rifle. Looks very promising!
Have fun with it and hope it brings many memorable adventures!

I always preferred the wood stocked Tikka over the synthetic stocked version. Just felt better to handle, shoulder and shoot.
And if I recall correctly, the recoil pad isn't as stiff as that on the synthetic stock. The recoil on the Swede isn't very much, but there is a felt difference between the two rifles in this caliber (of course the heavier wood stock helps a bit too).
Got back to the range yesterday evening. Had done a ladder test and picked two promising loads. This one was the best. If I could quit pulling shots it would really be something. Three out of four wasn't bad. I'm happy with it. Maybe I can get into a support group . My names Dan and I have a problem. I pull shots, 😆 Dan.


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