New VX-R Leupold, I am impressed!

R Flowers

Oct 23, 2004
I just finished mounting my first Leupold VX-R scope and I am totally impressed.

This is very premature as I have only mounted the scope, have not even taken it to the range yet, but man, that is a good scope.

Let me preface this by saying I mount lots of scopes. Ok, maybe not as many as Dr. Mike, but I mount scopes for lots of people and have 20 Leupolds sitting here on my own rifles and pistols.

This is a 3-9 VX-R and I mounted it on a Remington Model 700 Classic chambered in 338 Win Mag.
I bought the rifle in 1987 and mounted a new Leupold 2.5-8 on it at that time. Well, that scope is getting tired, sort of blurry now and dim. My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I immediately said a new scope. I mounted the scope in a set of Leupold dual dovetail mounts and medium rings.

The optics are great, and I think that lighted dot in the center of the duplex is going to be just the thing for hunting hogs early and late.

But what REALLY amazed me is that the scope is the most forgiving for positioning in the rings of ANY scope I ever mounted. No matter where I put that scope in the rings, the eye relief was just fine at any power. Heck, I just finally positioned the scope where it looked good and tightened things down.

I set the rifle down in the gun vise and let it sit five minutes. Sure enough in 5 minutes the lighted reticle went off. As soon as I moved the gun, the lighted reticle came back on at the same setting I had it on.

I plan to take it to the range tomorrow, maybe an update after that, but right now I am kind of pumped up with this new scope.
That's a great report. The VX-R does appear to be a fine scope. Interestingly enough, I haven't shot one! :shock: I started to buy one, but another scope (a VX6) got shoved to the front of the line. I do believe you are correct that it will be a great scope for those very early or very late hog hunts. I will watch your reports at the range with some interest.

I am thinking of putting one on my daughters ML

I passed over the VX-R-Hog scope for a 1.5-5x20, VX3 Leupold a couple of months ago. I was concerned about the optical qualities of this scope and the VX-3 is very bright and clear. I will be interested in reading any optical evaluations on this scope as I do not know anyone who owns one.

Thanks for your preliminary evalvuation. I am looking forward to anything else that you may discover when you have a chance to use and evaluate the scope further.
Very nice report. I mounted the same scope on my Ruger #1S in 338 mag also. Very clear and very happy to have the lil red dot...if I ever need it.
Thank you for the report if I build the 280 AI the VX-R is one of the 2 scopes that I am going to choose from to place on top of her. :shock:

Thanks for the range report. It appears to be a very capable scope. I am happy that it is working out well for you.
Well I spoke with my Son who has the ZA-5 on his rifle and after using it for this fall he is not that impressed with it he advised that is fuzzy when you have it set on the higher magnifications.
I guess we are going to be looking at the VX-R sooner than I first thought.