NGD Again..308 and 6.5 creedmoor


May 13, 2020
Cabelas had a black Friday deal of a savage axis 2 for $299.99 if the buyer used their cabela's club credit card. Since my daughter got her first deer this year I decided I would get her a new rifle for Christmas and figured since they were so cheap I would grab a 308 as well. I had been wanting a 308 for a while so i thought $299 isn't too bad. I completed my own barrel break in process for the 6.5 and have been pleasantly surprised. The action seems to be of $299 quality. However the trigger and accuracy have been impressive. With deer season xp factory loads the 6.5 is shooting 1 inch groups. I am going to hand load some 120 gr for it after my daughter opens it up for Christmas. This ought to make a fine rifle for her. Once Savage gets the muddy girl stocks back in stock I am going to order one of those for it which should really set it off for her.

I know a lof of people have bought the savage axis rifles and then used after market modifications to improve or customize. What are the best improvements and where to get them for this rifle line?