Nice morning


Mar 21, 2021
Chasing does will get you kilt

Fat public land buck

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Nice buck! Hoping to see 1 like that on Thursday.


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You done good! A fine buck you managed to stick. Yeah, I learned to avoid chasing those does many years ago. One doe was enough. :lol:
(y) (y) That's a really good buck. Really nice! Public land makes it even better. Big congrats, that's awesome!
salmonchaser":zzngrhbv said:
That boy has some fat on him. Holy cow.

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I have killed a few like this and one doe like this.

The doe was old and barren , don't think she ever had fawns.

As for the bucks I have a theory, I call them fat Albert's, they feed a lot but don't move much till rut .

Killin 8 1/2 year old one time that had a narrow screwed up rack but had fat 1.5 inch thick from neck to down his hams .

But it's just a theory.

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seokladuckin I agree with that theory . If you had taken that deer after the rut you would have probably found very little if any fat .

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That’s a dandy buck. Got it done on public land with a bow just makes it all the better.

Congratulations to you.

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