My turn!!!


Dec 2, 2010
It was my turn to punch my archery buck tag this weekend. I hunted hard from Nov 4 to Nov 12. In that time period, I hunted 7 days and spend 75 hours in a stand. Sunday morning was good and I was seeing deer. At 12:15, I was starving and forgot to pack my food so I climbed down, and ran to my truck. As I was eating my lunch, I thought, I can take a nap or get back in that stand. I said to myself, it is your last day, get in the stand. At 12:55 I text my wife that I was in my tree and going to enjoy my last 4 hours of archery season. The next text to her was at 1:00 that I had just shot my best archery buck. I saw him bed in the swamp and decided to give him 2 hours before climbing down because I had the time and needed to wait for my wife to come help. As I waited, I saw another nice buck walk up to him and walk circles around where I saw him last. I was able to then glass part of his rack in the swamp grass. I checked it for the next 30 minutes and it never moved, so I knew the arrow had done it's job. This is the biggest buck off our land in the past 3 years of owning it and I have a lot of trail camera pictures of him so it is a very special deer. I hope I see the other 10 Saturday morning when I will have a rifle in my hand.


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Congratulations. He is certainly a trophy, and you will undoubtedly remember this hunt for a long time. Are you thinking of a mount of some kind?
Both my buck and my wife's will be European mounts. I set a number in my head years ago on taxidermy. 160" is my minimum for a shoulder mount!!! I would rather buy rifles, scope, and reloading supplies!!!
Congrats, that is an awesome buck Teach!

Well done buddy, I know you have hunted hard for him!
Congratulations on taking a wonderful and meaningful archery buck. He is a brute. It has been a good year for you and your wife so far.
Congrat's to you and the boss on 2 beautiful bucks. 10+ hrs a day in stand you earned it.
Congratulations on a beautiful buck! The Euro mounts look great.

Congrats on a fine buck👍
I’ve done 1 shoulder mount but since gone to the Euro mounts , takes less space on the wall.
You know you have put in a few hours in a stand when you look at your phone and 4 hours have gone by and it feels like 10 minutes!!! My buddy and I text often while on stand and we keep saying, "it only takes 1 minute to make a great season." This buck is proof that it can happen at any time during the rut.
I have an older Hoyt (can't remember the model off hand) 60# with the Grim Reaper 100gr head. I have always been a Magnus Stinger guy but tried the Grim Reaper this year and it worked great on my bear and now this deer. I'm sold on them.